7 Reasons why Water is Important to life

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Inorganic is the word that comes to mind first when attempting to define water. This suggests that water does not possess a life of its own, but rather that it serves as a source of life for other things. Water, despite the fact that it is not a living thing, it is the foundation of all life on earth and is essential to the survival of life’s existence on our planet. Due to the fact that mankind has easy access to water, we are able to successfully complete a variety of tasks that are essential to maintaining a healthy life.

Quenches thirst

Drinking water helps to quench our thirst when our throats become dry since it restores the body’s water balance. Both animals and humans are required to drink water in order to slake their thirst since the amount of water that is contained in their throats is insufficient. We don’t want to get into the technicalities of what happens to the water once it enters our body, but we can declare without a shadow of a doubt that if we don’t have access to any water, there is a possibility that we will perish from thirst.


Without water, there is no way that cooking could be done. Rice, like with many other vegetables and meats of animals, cannot be consumed in its uncooked state and must be prepared with water before consumption. When we combine water with raw food forms like vegetables and other raw food sources, we can make cooked meals. You are aware that consuming raw food will not result in optimal digestion in our alimentary canal. When undesired substances are removed by water, it stops the spread of many diseases that would otherwise be inevitable.


Without access to irrigating water, farmers are unable to cultivate any kind of crop. The cultivation of vegetables, crops, plants that give fruit, and the propagation of a wide variety of cereals are all dependent on the availability of water. In a nutshell, the cultivation of plants that bear crop and fruit cannot take place in the absence of water.


Bathing on a regular basis is vital for all living species, but it is especially important for humans because the accumulation of filth on our bodies can cause skin and other ailments. When we bathe, we remove direct from our bodies.

Cloth washing

To survive, humans require clothing that can be worn over and over again. It is inevitable that a piece of clothing will become soiled if it is worn for an extended period of time. Because of this, it is essential that we carefully launder our garments in order to reuse them.

Electricity generation

These days, everything is powered by electricity. Because of electricity, we are able to charge our electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones, cook meals in rice cookers, illuminate our rooms with bulbs, make machines function in factories, and so on. As you probably well know, we receive the same thing from water.

Constructional works

Without water, even the most basic construction tasks are difficult. Because of the water, structures such as homes and apartments for living, dams for storing water, warehouses for keeping commodities, and other structures are built. The production of cement, which in turn assists masons in bonding stones and bricks, requires water as an ingredient.

In conclusion, the uses of water are not restricted to the prerequisites for human life that were discussed previously; rather, there are a great many different applications for water.

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