Why use Biofuels Instead of Fossil Fuels

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We have no difficulty acknowledging that there are several ways in which the use of fossil fuels has been to the advantage of humankind. Automobiles, mechanical motors, and other fuel-based machinery account for the vast majority of fossil fuel consumption.  Despite the fact that we acknowledge the positive impact that those fuels have had on our lives, a great number of problems have been caused by them. The combustion of such fuels results in the emission of pollutants and, more significantly, in the depletion of fossil fuel supplies. These are only two of the many issues that arise as a direct consequence of such practises.

You are quite familiar with the fact that it took millions and billions of years for fossil reserves to come into existence. The standard forms of fuels, such as diesel or gasoline, kerosene, etc., are obtained from fossil reserves, and you are also quite familiar with the fact that fossil reserves are obtained from fossil reserves. If the development of fossil fuels had taken place in a shorter amount of time, we would not have as much cause for concern in our everyday lives. The preservation of fossil fuels should therefore receive a greater focus, as this issue should be considered a top concern for those now residing on this planet.

The pollutants that are generated by diesel engines cause air pollution, which in turn is the cause of precipitation of acid rain on earth and warming of the atmosphere. Acid rain is responsible for the spread of numerous diseases, the destruction of buildings and clothing, and the extinction of many species of living organisms that are vital to our survival. Acid rain also damages buildings.

As a result of the warming of the atmosphere, ice glaciers, which are reservoirs of river water, begin to melt, which results in floods and a shortage of fresh water that may be consumed.

If you want to get rid of the bad impact that regular diesel causes, switching to bio diesel is perhaps the most sustainable answer there is. The usage of bio diesel results in fewer emissions of greenhouse gases. The production of biodiesel can also be done on a budget and supplied to individuals. The promotion of bio diesel among the general public is the only obstacle that will require financial investment to overcome.

Biodiesel may be produced successfully from jatropha plants. The propagation and planting of these plants is an urgent matter that requires our immediate attention. These plants have the potential to produce hundreds of tonnes of biodiesel oil, which would allow us to satiate our consumption while preventing additional damage to our atmosphere.

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