5 Reasons Why People Are Converting To Islam

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People living in various parts of the world adhere to a number of religions. Some of these major world religions that are practised by substantial numbers of people include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. Christianity has more than a billion adherents, while Islam is practically at the centre of the spiritual life of millions of people across the globe.

Although all of these religions see a lot of converts on every passing year, Islam is at the forefront when it comes to the most number of people converting to the faith or becoming Muslims all over the place. The truth that we have brought forward is supported even more by the researchers at Pew. Here are the five reasons why many people all over the world are converting to Islam at an unexpected rate.

Islam supports rationality

There has never been a battle between rationalism and Islam in the history of the world. In fact, Islam is the only religion on the face of the globe that nudges its followers in the direction of logic. The holy book of Muslims, the Quran, instructs its followers to educate themselves about the origins of the universe. It encourages people to investigate and question everything that is a part of our universe. You won’t find other religions that are as progressive as Islam encouraging its adherents to apply their reason. In order for Muslims to realise the truth, the Quran instructs them to apply their reasoning abilities.

Universal brotherhood

The religion of Islam does not profess to be for any single race but rather promotes a message that is universal. Everyone in this universe, regardless of their race, colour, or ethnicity, has the opportunity to practise Islam. As long as people’s traditions and customs do not directly contradict Islamic doctrine, Islam condemns racism and encourages its followers to accept one another’s cultural heritage and customs. Islam gives preferences to those who are pious not on the condition you belong to a particular community. In Islam anyone can lead your prayers and political affairs of Muslims but on the condition he must be well versed with the Islamic teachings.


When compared to other religions, Islam is relatively simple and straightforward to understand. Its core element is the belief in an one, all-powerful God who, throughout history, has communicated his will message to humanity through a series of messengers. Scriptures bearing the message from God have been revealed by the almighty God to be conveyed on these messengers. Every single Muslim worships the same God. The holy book of Islam Quran has a very simple message to convey to the people and even kids can comprehend it very easily.

Historical evidence

There are people who were there and saw the revelations that led to Islam, therefore its history is well documented. There were eyewitnesses there when the Prophet Muhammad (saw) received the message that Allah had sent him. The sacred text known as the Quran, as well as the Hadith, were both compiled during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Sociability nature

Islam encourages people to interact with one another so that those around them might lead happy lives. Maintaining healthy relationships with other people is critical to warding off the potentially deadly mental illness known as depression. We can improve our chances of leading a happy and healthy life by working on developing the quality of being sociable with other people. Muslims are commanded by Islam to seek out those in need and provide assistance to them to the best of their ability. If there is somebody who is starving, you should give them food. If they are in need of clothing, you should provide it for them along with other charity. All Muslims are seen as belonging to a single community.

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