Why is Islam the Most Beautiful Religion?

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You have the right to follow and practice your religion, but you also have the right to know the truth. Humans are born with a nature that compels them to discover the truth and reality. Our unique mental design distinguishes us from all other creatures. Humans are thinkers, whereas other creatures are incapable of human-like thought. Our unique method of thinking has allowed humanity to progress with time. Our forefathers had limited access to clothing and food, whereas we had access to every resource necessary to live comfortably. In your language, Allah, call him God or Bhagwan, etc., has given us brains to search, acquire, and live by the knowledge that corresponds to our reason, logic, and existence.

It is illogical to criticise religion based on its beliefs. Human nature should be to investigate every religion using our reason, logic, and sincere desire to understand it. We do not have the right to criticise and disrespect Hinduism or any other religion. However, we have the right to learn about different religions and adopt the one that best fits our understanding and reason. It would be best if you utilised your intellect to seek a faith that provides perfect answers. When investigating a particular religion, your efforts should be sincere.

I found Islam to be the best way for me since it provided me with solutions that perfectly matched my reasoning. Islam offers a reasonable explanation for understanding the purpose of our lives. According to Islam, Allah has established a place (earth) where all humanity will be tested to determine who wins and who loses. Every time we decide to undertake something, we are subjected to various examinations and tests. So, why are we here? It was the first question that required a simple explanation, and Alhamdulillah (Praise to God), I discovered it when reading the Quran on my own. Allah states in the Quran that he created humans and jinn to worship him.

Islam makes sense because it believes in Allah, the Arabic name for the one true God. He is an absolute God who controls everything in our universe. He rewards us when we perform good deeds, and when we perform evil acts, he punishes us. However, if we repent the instant we realise we have done something wrong, he will forgive us. Allah is the perfect God, unlike everything else in the universe. He is outside of time, does not sleep, eat, or need clothing, etc., because he exceeds these qualities of the living world. He alone is sufficient for the existence of everything in the universe. Islam does not believe in several gods but in Allah, the one true God. Islam asserts that since the one true God created everything, there is no need to worship other gods. He alone is worthy of praise. Islam asserts that there is only one God, not three in one or one in three, as our Christian brethren claim, and when given several fundamental questions to prove their claims, they cannot provide rational responses.

Throughout the past 1500 years, the message of Islam has been incredibly consistent. The Quran we read today is identical to the text given to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Islamic statement that only Allah is worthy of worship has always prevailed, and no one has ever attempted to change it. The Quran is identical to the book that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received. We lack exact and original copies of the religious texts of other religions. Islam is more compelling than other religions because its narrations are supported by evidence. P Possibly, no other religion on the face of the globe can claim to have the same original scriptures as those taught by their religious figures other than Islam. For instance, Jesus spoke Aramaic, but we do not have the Aramaic Bible. However, we have the Quran in Arabic, as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in Arabic.

Islam recognises the prophets who came before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). According to Islam, all Prophets and prophets conveyed the same message: there is no God but Allah. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Noah, as well as all prior Prophets, are revered by Islam. The same message of all Prophets makes Islam even more attractive because it gives us the impression that Allah has always loved humanity but that humanity has rejected him out of love for the devil. Islam teaches us something unique, namely that all Prophets were equal to the people of their day.

Islam fosters a spirit of brotherhood because the final sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran make it clear that all Muslims are equal and brothers. Regardless of colour, nationality, ethnicity, etc., all Muslims form one Ummah. If you are black but more pious and knowledgeable about Islam, you have the right to lead the prayers, and no one can take that away from you. Islam grants you this privilege. Similarly, if you are brown or white and your ruler is black, you must obey him as long as he observes Islam, and the same holds for you. Islam prohibits racism and teaches that the winner on the Day of Judgment is the one who is righteous in Allah’s eyes.

Islam is the only faith that teaches women to have property rights. It is well described in the Quran that women are entitled to their father’s property. Thus, Islam rejects the immoral concept of dowry. Islam holds men accountable for taking care of their wives, providing for them, and treating them like queens, while women obey the directives of their servants, establishing an excellent balance between a husband and a wife. In addition, Islam grants women the right to divorce if their husbands fail to provide for them. Islam requires men to pay for a woman’s wedding.

Islam’s message is powerful. The Quran prohibits pork, alcohol, gambling, and other immoral actions, and about 90 per cent of Muslims follow it. They will abstain from drinking alcohol, eating pork, and doing other forbidden sins. This shows the impact of Quranic verses on the behaviour of Muslims.

Muslims are knowledge seekers. Muslims will always listen very carefully and patiently to a conversation about any topic they are interested in gaining knowledge. They would wait for their turn before refuting your knowledge and views. They would remain silent since they are instructed in the Quran and Hadith to seek information even if it requires going too far. The Quran encourages Muslims to seek the truth about the universe. Use your mind to study Allah’s creation.

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