Why Gender Inequality Should Not be Tolerated?

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If we do not permit women to utilise their rights, we are doing neither ourselves nor anyone else a favour. Instead, we are squandering their abilities by employing them in menial tasks around the house. The prejudice that we have against women is the root of the problem that contributes to the squandering of their talents. In India, a woman’s sole purpose is reduced to that of a mother and carer. She is unable to take part in the decision-making process for the family.

It is the attitude of stereotyping that is causing us to veer off course when it comes to technological advancement. If we do not change our traditional attitudes toward women, it would take a very long time for a country like India to reach the level of development that other countries have already achieved.

In poor countries like India, the birth of a girl is seen as little more than an added expense because she would eventually marry and join the households of other people. Because she is considered an expense, she is denied of her rights to a nutritious diet, an education, and various other forms of social support.

On the other hand, the arrival of a baby boy is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of his parents, as well as those of his friends and relatives. They exclaim their happiness and joy. After all, he is going to take over his father’s business when his father passes away. Outside the house is more where he belongs than within the house.

Our culture includes women in its fabric. The health of her child is essential to the growth of both our society and our economy. If she is sick, then the health of our entire civilization is in jeopardy. For instance, if one component of an automobile is broken down, the problem will spread throughout the vehicle and affect its performance. The situation is exactly the same with females.

It is not only the right of males to have access to nutrition, education, respect, and employment outside the home. They belong just as much to women as they do to males. It is imperative that women receive the same level of support in terms of nutrition, education, and respect as that accorded to men. She must be given the opportunity to work in enterprises so that she can put her inherent aptitude and talents to use. It is imperative that she be provided with the chance to get international experience.

She needs to be able to engage in business activities on an equal footing with males and use her knowledge and expertise in other areas. It is imperative that every last bit of a woman’s ability and intelligence be put to good use. It is necessary to show her respect and to compensate her appropriately. Only she has the ability to bring light into this dark planet. When we grant her the rights she deserves, we will enjoy the same level of success as industrialised countries.

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