8 Reasons Why Forests are Important

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Forests are areas of our land occupied by all the trees, shrubs, and herbs. A forest is like a body while trees, shrubs, and herbs are like its organs. The presence of forests on the face of the earth is an important feature of our planet. They have been created for a purpose and that purpose has a direct and indirect effect on our life. Forests are very much important for all living organisms. We believe in our hearts, that there are eight important reasons why forests are vital for our environment as well as life.

Support respiration

All living organisms are in continuous trade with forests. Forests exchange oxygen with us for carbon dioxide. Respiration in nutshell is very much important in our life. We may survive for days without water and food but without oxygen, we will die in nanoseconds. Our bodies require oxygen while our exhaled CO2 is required by plants. It is a win-win situation for both living organisms and forests. Our life without forests is impossible and vice versa. That is why we believe forests and other living organisms were created by the Almighty God. It is like believing in the dogma that forests formed on their own without the supply of carbon dioxide.

Give us useful products

We are able to obtain a variety of useful materials from forests. We get oils. resins, tannins, gums, and even drugs from all forests. All of these materials are very much important in keeping us alive on the face of the earth. We won’t have furniture without the supply of timber that comes all the way from forests. The timber crisis has zero chance to arise as long as we have forests around us.

Get Fuelwood

We, humans, need fuelwood to burn and cook meals for us and our families. We all eat food after we have properly cooked or boiled it with the help of fuelwood we obtain from the forests. When we have no fuelwood to burn that means we won’t have food to eat and we all know that we can’t eat raw food. Unless we have the availability of fuelwood, we won’t have a chance to eat cooked meals in our homes, especially for those who live in the countryside.

Obtain timber

We have gotten to a position where we humans create our desirable homes, huts, and other important construction projects. And, it was possible when we already the reservoirs of forests. We require timber obtained from forests for a number of purposes. We create ships to sail in deadly oceans, boats in rivers, and railway sleepers that help the movement of trains from one place to another, and we see it all happen in front of our eyes because of the timber we get from the forests.

Prevent soil erosion

Forests offer a lot of help in preventing soil erosion. The logic of how forests prevent soil erosion is that the roots of trees and shrubs bind together soil particles. Planting trees on river banks is helpful as it is the best possible way to prevent flood damage. We can save the lives of thousands of people who die because of the mistake of not planting trees around river banks.

Soil fertility

When we have easy availability of fertile lands, we can grow all possible vegetation. The high yields of crops have a direct connection with humus as it facilitates and increases soil fertility. Humus is obtained when leaves decompose after falling from trees and plants.


Forests also help in bringing rain from the sky through the transpiration process that cools down the air. They also prove very much helpful in the reduction of air and noise pollution.


All forests are home to different forms of wildlife – from large-sized elephants to the smallest ants. The survival of wild animals depends on the protection of forests. When we cut down forests, we are destroying their natural habitats, which in turn forces them to flee to the human population for food. The end result isn’t good as so many people get attacked by wild animals. They are not responsible for it all rather we are to be blamed for their actions.

In conclusion, if there are no forests around us, we won’t have so things to enjoy in our life. The absence of forests means the absence of every possible life on the face of the earth. It is our duty to protect forests in every possible way so that our survival on earth isn’t threatened.

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