What Does Islam say about Friendships

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You need a friend to live life and you can’t live without a good friend. A good friend is important for several reasons – share your thoughts, secrets, and sharing your joy and happiness. It is because your friend is the only one who will stand firm shoulder to shoulder with you whenever you face lows in your life. You can’t expect such even from your own brother. Our world without someone with whom you can share ups and downs of your life is incomplete.

Some wise people have said some valauble things about friends, and here are some we bring on your table.

A brother is your arm but a friend is your heart and without a heart, no one can live their life.
Two friends always form eleven not two.
A friend sometimes know what your family does’nt know about you.
A friend isn’t a frined who eats with you but one who showers support to you when you are haunted by miseres.
A friend always gives good suggestions.
A pious friend is like an asset to you.
No matter how much you love your friend, never expose your secrets to him or her because when you get in a fight with him, he or she will bring it forth during that time.

Islam advocates Muslims to make all those friends who are pious, offer salah, give chraity, preach and practice good deeds, and refrain from bad deeds. All those people who make fun of Islam. never make a mistake of making them as your friends, infact, don’t sit with them. All those who are your enemies and people who have become target of Allah’s wrath, should not be made friends.

Islam also encourages Muslims to adopt binious of people who are turning towards Allah day in day out and don’t follow people who have no fear of Allah in their hearts. It doesn’t suit Muslims to make friendship with those who oppose Allah and his messenger, no matter, if they are their brothers, father, mother, sisters, etc. Always love one another for the sake of Allah.
Avoid friendship with Jews, Christians, polytheists, etc.

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