6 Simple Ways to Differentiate your Service from Competitors

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When you are having difficulty in differentiating your product, you better differentiate your services. Differentiation is all about looking different from your rivals. The goal of differentiation is to give customers a reason to choose you not your competitors.

Some firms are unable to differentiate their product to a number of challenges. Some face financial constraints while some think it takes time. When you are mudded down in such a situation, where it is hard to differentiate your product, turn your attention to your services.

Bring improvisations in service in such a way that allures customers for sale. Here are 3 ways to differentiate your services from competitors.

Make ordering convenient

Ordering convenience refers to the process by which you allow your customers to place orders without having to face inconvenience. Take the example of banking services. All most all banks have given online access to their customers so that their time is saved that otherwise is spent on standing in queues at banks.

Make delivery fast

Fast delivery of products will help reduce your TAT with your customers and increase their happiness. NDD – Next Day Delivery and SDD – Same Day Delivery are fantastic ideas for product delivery added by Amazon, and Flipkart of India. Another example is car owners who get their cars oiled and lubricated in just 20 minutes of time. Pizza delivery within half an hour is another great example.

Installation services

All the buyers of industrial products like machinery, equipment, etc. require installation services. Many buyers would pick your products based on your facility of installation services. Keep it free as much as possible because it will largely benefit your sales. Free installation services will help you drive sales for your products and grow bigger than your competitors in the target market.

Training services

If you sell products that require customers to be trained enough to operate them, you shall be providing free training services so that they are able to use your products properly. Training services will encourage your customers for more products.

Maintenance services

All products designed for some purposes require a constant maintenance check. Maintenance helps your customers to keep their products in good working condition. One good example is Amazon which sends its technicians to the office and homes of its customers for fixing defects on a regular basis.

Returns services

Getting back your defective products may bring a reduction in your revenue but it is an initiative that spurs business growth because customers feel confident using your products. You should always be working on sending only products that are in good working condition. However, sometimes when your customers receive a defective item, they should be apologized and served by taking back that product from them. Your customers might ask you for either a refund or replacement so don’t get back to doing it right away.

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