Starting a Garlic Farming Business: 4 Steps to Success

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Garlic is used everywhere in the world not only by the households but also by the restaurants to serve nutritious and healthy food. Its demand won’t ever dry up in the delicacies and cuisines of people. Garlic farming should be better called an evergreen business because it is something people can’t think of cooking their food.

The demand for garlic will sustain almost all odds as long as people use it for a variety of delicacies. Garlic farming is a highly profitable business as your earnings will always surpass your incurred costs.

A kilogram of garlic is sold at 300-400 KSh in Kenya. You can earn as much as 30000 Ksh per quintal of garlic. And, your overall costs that go for buying seeds and fertilizers, using labour, etc. is minimum.

There are other advantages offered by garlic farming which includes the need for simple hand tools, and low prices for obtaining garlic seeds. Here are 3 things you must keep in your consideration when start a garlic farming business in your locality.

Farm for cultivation

You need to have some fertile land that you can turn into a farm. It should be available in an open area that receives a good amount of sunlight on a daily basis. Garlic grows best in soils with a sandy texture. Around 200 Square feet of land will make you able to go for the commercial production.

Sowing seeds

You will be ploughing, and removing unwanted grass from the land surface before you begin to sow the seeds of garlic. The large pieces of soil have to be broken into small particles. After that you will have to make small beds in which you will be digging holes. All the holes should be dug in a line so that every single plant gets adequate nourishment. Eventually, you will be putting seeds of garlic inside the holes and then cover them with soil and leaves so that the growth of grass is prevented until the shoot height of garlic plants become dominant.

Hand tools for cultivation

You need some hand tools to do your job. The most important one that should always be with you is a garb hoe which helps you in digging holes and making sure the ploughed soil gets levelled. You should be taking help of your household members or family while doing your cultivation work. It will be very helpful in checking your labour costs. In other words, there is no need for incurring labour costs when your family is ready to help you out in doing the job. They will also be around you when you will be harvesting your garlic that reaches on every 3-6 months after you have sowed your seeds.

Selling your produce

Selling your garlic is not a tough trade. You will find no difficulty in selling your garlic produce to the merchants who deal with the garlic trade. Make sure you get pretty good rates from them for your produce. They will come to your home for sale and pickup. You may also contact other vegetable sellers for selling your garlic. There are also online vegetable buyers you can contact for your garlic. In nutshell, wherever whether online or offline you find an opportunity to earn more profits, make your sales.  

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