Should We Celebrate Milad un Nabi?

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Westerners have a long-standing custom of celebrating their birthdays. It was not a part of our Islamic tradition in any way, but sadly, Muslims who are not permitted to celebrate their birthdays have been forced to endure its effects. They are currently commemorating the births of their offspring, as well as their mothers, fathers, cousins, and other relatives. It is important to remember that Islamic tradition does not include the practise of celebrating one’s birthday.

Muslims around the world observe a special celebration known as Eid Milad un Nabi to mark the occasion of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) birth. It takes place throughout the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal each and every year. Mawlid is being celebrated with great fervour across Asia, particularly in nations such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, amongst others. In comparison to individuals who reside in other parts of the world, they take it quite seriously and give it a lot of attention. It is commonly believed that the Mawlid festival may be traced back to the Shia sect, which is the group that is most commonly held responsible for being the founder of the Mawlid holiday.

Eid has taken on a new form known as mawlid since it was introduced into our culture. The annual commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the central focus of the Mawlid holiday. Mawlid is a prohibited deed in Islam. It is forbidden in Islam since the Prophet never celebrated his birthday during his lifetime, and there is no evidence to suggest that his companions ever marked Mawlid when they were alive. Therefore, this practise is forbidden.

Mawlid is an essential component of the Islamic concept of innovation. This is a practise that need to be discontinued. There are a variety of methods in which you might show respect for the Prophet, but the most fitting way is to pray five times. You might think about him as you recite the namaz, the Islamic prayer. Therefore, all of us who call ourselves Muslims should disapprove of this conduct and begin praying the Namaz as soon as possible.

The late Dr. Israr Ahmad, known by his Arabic acronym RA, argued that Muslims should not celebrate the holiday of Malid. He believed that Mawlid was an invention or something brand new that had been introduced into Islam. The custom of commemorating Eid Milad has been derided by hundreds of other prominent scholars throughout history. Therefore, only a subset of Muslims ought to take part in Mawlid. They ought to put an end to this behaviour as soon as they possibly can so that it will not be passed down to subsequent generations.

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