Rights of Orphans in Islam

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Orphans and women were not given any rights before the advent of Islam. They were the most oppressed victims that society had ever seen. No one could stop the tyrants of Mecca from usurping orphans’ property.  They would also treat women harshly because doing so was considered normal then. Orphans had their property usurped from them, and in their tradition, women were regarded as a source of pure evil.

However, all changed upon the arrival of Islam in their lives. The fate of orphans and women altered for the good when Islam came to power. When Islam became the only faith practised by the people in Mecca and Medina, orphans and women got their fundamental rights back and were given other rights. Islam gave them the absolute right to ownership of their wealth and the freedom to live with high dignity to the women.

Women began to live with high respect in society. Islam ended the killing and burying of innocent girls’ souls from the land forever. A girl child began to enjoy her fundamental right to live. The pagan Arabs otherwise snatched that at that time. She was considered a blessing from Allah rather than a curse. Prophet Muhammad (Saw) said in a Hadith that whoever takes good care of his daughters will find a place in Jannah, translated as Paradise in English.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says in another Hadith narrated by Sahl bin Sa`d that I and all those who treat orphans nicely will be next to me in the paradise-like my middle and index fingers are close to one another. What we get from this hadith is that you will be very close to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in Paradise, translated Jannah in Arabic, if you treat orphans and needy people in the most excellent ways possible. That is the level of reward you will get from Allah on the day of Judgement when you do that to the orphans and needy people around you and in your community.  

There is yet another hadith in which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that a home of a Muslim is the worst home where orphans and women are poorly treated. The most incredible home of a Muslim is one in which orphans and women are served with great care and respect. From the hadith, we understand that treating orphans isn’t merely the most extraordinary deed you could do but also something that would earn you Jannah on the day of Judgement. You will be given a harsh punishment for your harmful treatments.

One day, a man came to the Prophet (saw) and told him he was someone who was a stonehearted person. He (saw) said to him that he should put his hand on an orphan and feed the hungry one. The hadith tells us that a man who wants to soften his heart should start helping orphans and other poor people who can’t pay for their own needs. This is the best way for a man to soften his heart.

If you are wealthy yourself, you have no right to usurp anything from the wealth of an orphan. On the other hand, if you are a poor person and have no money to spend in your life, you have a right to some compensation from his property. However, it should be brought to your attention that you aren’t permitted to create wealth by using his property, which is not allowed in any way. It is also against the law for you to take anything that belongs to the orphans you are caring for. 

In conclusion, we have found that Prophet Muhammad (saw) has commanded all of us to support those in need and serve orphans in our society with the most excellent care and respect. Take care of an orphan and provide them with the best possible food, clothes, education, and other essentials in life. You will be most likely to enter Paradise after your time on earth. If you fail to provide him with what he needs, even though you have the financial ability to do so, you will suffer a significant loss on the day of Judgement because Allah will punish you with the worst punishment in hellfire.

If you are a guardian of an orphan child or children, you should never even get the thought of hurting them. Instead, it would be best if you gave them the most excellent care possible since this job will be highly honoured on the day of judgement. If you are taking care of an orphan, Allah (SWT) will not punish you for your reasonable efforts. Remember that the best reward for your work would be a place in ParadiseParadee from all worry and able to enjoy the pleasures Allah will make available to you there.

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