Rights of Guests in Islam (With Simple Commentary)

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All those who receive guests are the luckiest people on the earth. Guests, no matter their gender, whether male or female, could be our relatives, friends, or others who come to our homes. People who get guests are lucky because it is considered a blessing from Allah. It is because Almighty Allah allows us to earn rewards translated (Sawab) in Arabic by serving our guests. When a guest comes to your home, take his arrival as something that provides you with an opportunity to do good deeds, which would be added to your balance. Don’t feel depressed when you get guests because Allah does not like it, and it is also against the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(saw).

There Is a hadith recorded in Bukhari and Muslim in which our beloved Prophet Muhammad(saw) said that all those people who believe in Allah, and on the day of judgement, should treat their guests with great honour and respect. We know from this hadith that hosts should serve guests in the best ways possible. They should ensure guests eat the best foods and show good behaviour filled with good smiles and charm. They should not feel that you aren’t happy with their arrival in your home. It is very disliked in our faith, Islam.

Guests, however, aren’t allowed to stay in their host’s home for more than 2-3 days. It is not permitted for the fact that the hosts might get in financial trouble. They might not be left with anything when you stay in their homes for extended periods. The maximum number of days a guest can stay is 2-3 days, and he should leave towards his home. Prophet Muhammad(saw) prohibited Muslims from staying for longer times in their host’s house, and he would be otherwise put in trouble.


A guest is someone who comes to your place to spend some time with you. He may come with or without your invitation. You may invite guests for important events, such as weddings, eid celebrations, dinners etc. It is also possible guests will come without an invitation. Those who mostly come uninvited could be your friends and relatives.

Treating your guests with great honour and respect is integral to your faith. When Prophet Muhammad(saw) said that one who believes in Allah and on the day of judgement should ensure good treatment for his guests. The phrase “good treatment” embodies a vast number of things. The most important thing you have to take care of is serving the best food to your guests. It is highly recommended in Islam. The best food is all those foods that you can buy and cook for your guests. It could be a chicken, mutton, salad, etc. However, it should be kept in mind that the best foods don’t refer to something specific; whatever is considered best but halal for guests at your local place is involved in the best food. Whatever is in your capacity, serve that to your guests.

It would help if you didn’t make your guests feel that you are not happy that they have come to your home. It is disliked, and what is preferred is that you should add charm, smile, etc., to your behaviour while serving your guests. It should not be a fake smile but instead filled with great joy. It isn’t only the food you need to focus on; you also have to ensure your guests are shown the way to the bathrooms and take them for a walk.

You also should talk with them in a way that makes them happy and ensure you don’t show rude behaviour during conversations with your guests. Your conversations should be filled with great charm but backed with moral principles. Take care of your guests in the most excellent ways possible. Guests should be given home-like conditions to live in; whatever they want to eat, bring that from your local market, and serve them. You should also ensure you provide the best place for sleep and rest.

There is advice and lessons for guests as well. They should ensure they don’t harm you while staying at your home. They shouldn’t put you in any kind of trouble possible. A guest should leave the host’s house after 2-3 days and not stay in his home for weeks and months. Staying for many days only adds trouble to the host. He might get out of finances to serve you more days. There is nothing wrong in taking anything, for example, fruits, meat, or whatever is halal in Islam, while visiting your hosts. Guests should enjoy their days of hospitality but, at the same time, should make the host feel comfortable.

If at all you have disrespected your guests, remember, there is a blazing fire waiting for your arrival on the day of Judgement. You will be scorned, humiliated, and burnt in hellfire for your evil deeds with guests. Allah won’t spare you for the bad behaviour you show to your guests. The same applies to the guests who take advantage of their hosts. Guests must seek permission before they can enter the host’s house. You can’t make entry into their homes without their knowledge. Allah will punish you for all your evil intentions and actions with your hosts.

In conclusion, Islam gives all the permissible rights to a guest, but it also teaches guests to avoid harming hosts. May Allah give us the ability to serve the guests we receive best and add more to our good deeds.

Heena Qureshi

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