5 Rights of Children in Islam

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Children have a defined place and a voice in Islam, and it isn’t easy to think of another religion that Islam, that is as vocal about protecting the rights of children. The religion of Islam encourages parents to look after their children, treat them with the utmost care, and provide them with a high-quality education along with food, clothing, and other necessities. In Islam, children are entitled to a wide variety of rights. However, we will focus specifically on the following five rights in this article:

Right to education

Your responsibility as a parent is to see your children receive an excellent education. According to the Quran, learning knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims, regardless of gender, whether male or female. There are no parents who can overlook their role in providing their children with a high-quality education. You have the right to physically discipline your children to ensure they do not become victims of ignorance when they reach the age at which they are currently living. This is true even if they do not want to learn. You will ensure that they develop an interest in learning more about Islam due to your efforts. You should send kids to your neighbourhood,, Madrasas,, so that they can learn about the religion to instil in them a sense of moral consciousness and religious knowledge. 

Right to food

Children are not even capable of supporting themselves, so you must bring in money and ensure that your children have enough to eat. You are not allowed to send them to work or let them go to bed hungry because doing so is a crime that is subject to punishment. It is absurd to expect employment from children who are incapable of carrying out their responsibilities. You must find a source of earnings so that you can provide for your children. On the other hand, you may get younger children involved in helping out around the house by assigning them tasks so they can earn experience that will be useful to them in the future when they become mature enough to work. After they have taken on the task, you will only check to see that they are well prepared to handle any more responsibilities that may arise in the future.

Right to clothing

You will be doing your part to ensure that your children always have the best clothing to wear as well. You can’t expect your kids to get jobs and buy clothes for you if you tell them to go out and make money. It is not authorized until they are healthy enough to engage in decent job and generate income. Because they have not yet reached the level of physical condition required to earn money, they are not yet able to buy clothes on their own. You are going to see to it that they get the very best clothing available to wear.On the other hand, you may purchase clothes they don’t need. This ensures that you will be responsible for bearing additional charges. Spend money on the clothing they need

but not the items they plan to keep in their closets for later use.

Right to Marriage

Your children are entitled to marry when they choose to do so as well. Getting your children married is one thing you can do to help keep them from engaging in adultery, which is known as Zina in Arabic. Keeping your children from engaging in fornication is an important parental responsibility. Your children will be protected from engaging in adultery because of your marriage, and as a result, you will also be protected from committing the most heinous sins. As a result, as a parent, you will be on the lookout for a nice partner for your son and a good potential mate for your daughter.

Right to property

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