3 Reasons Muslims Should Quit Smoking

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A significant number of people on the face of the planet are addicted to smoking cigarettes. The unhealthy practise of inhaling smoke, whether from cigarettes or weeds that have been burned, is referred to as smoking. People who smoke make me giggle sometimes because I don’t understand how they can be so accustomed to something that is unhealthy for them despite the fact that they are aware of its negative effects on their health. If I tell them that in front of them, there is a possibility that they will fight.

Smoking isn’t done by the poor people of our societies. Even, lawyers, scientists, engineers, are its victim. They all bring a common excuse to forth when we ask them why they smoke. They would say that smoking helps them relieve from the mental stress. Smoking gives them a relief from stress that gets accumulated in their brains. They may feel a temporary relief but the actual fact is that smoking harms them in several many ways. There is perhaps no good in smoking rather than disadvantages. Here are 3 simple reasons you should say goodbye to the smoking forever and live a happier life.

Health is lost

There is a proverb that states, “When you’re healthy, you have everything, and when you’re sick, you have nothing.” This is a very true statement. Being in good health is necessary in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. You are unable to perform your job duties if you are ill. If you are unable to work, you will not be able to generate income; if you are unable to generate income, you will not be able to purchase the goods that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t get yourself up and start looking for job, you’ll never get out of your poor financial situation.

Your hopes of accomplishing anything worthwhile in your life are being stifled by your habit of smoking. When compared to people who don’t smoke, your productivity will suffer if you continue to do so. They wouldn’t have to deal with any of the problems you have to deal with as a result of your smoking. It has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that tobacco use increases a person’s risk of developing cancer. Tobacco use results in the death of lung cells, which are essential for the process of combining oxygen and blood and eliminating carbon dioxide from our bodies. Because smoking lowers your resistance to illness, you will find that you are more likely to get sick frequently.

Additionally, smoking causes damage to your heart, making you more likely to suffer from heart attacks on a regular basis. Your red blood cells will eventually become too frail to maintain the function of your body’s metabolism. Your cardiac problems will make it difficult for you to go about your typical day-to-day activities. Therefore, you should give it up completely and add additional years to your age if you want to live a longer life.

Wealth is lost

When you smoke, not only does your health suffer, but also your wealth does as well because the money that leaves your wallet is the real wealth.  Just for a second, try to imagine how many packs of smokes you use on a typical day. You are aware that each and every one of the pennies you earn contributes to the accumulation of your wealth, and each and every cigarette that you smoke costs some few pennies. You are simply contributing your part to the destruction of your property and riches. When you smoke, rather of increasing your wealth, you are causing it to decrease, so you are wasting your money.

You are not making any progress in your life if you are causing the decline of your money by engaging in negative activities. If your wealth is increased as a result of positive outcomes, you are increasing the likelihood that you will be able to make additional assets in your property. Your property, on which you have spent years working hard, can be lost due to your smoking, which not only makes your life more difficult but also adds misery to your life. If you have wealth that you’ve accumulated throughout the years, it will make it possible for you to enjoy your old age in peace and ease. You won’t have to go grovelling to other people for financial assistance or do anything similar since you already have some money stashed away to spend on the things that are essential to your survival.

When you refrain from smoking, you are not only helping to preserve your health but also ensuring that your children will not face any difficulties in their pursuit of a happy and healthy life. If you have been smoking up until today, you should quit right now to save money and property for both you and your children. You may make a donation of that sum of money in order to provide hope to those who are poor and hungry while also doing something that would be beneficial to your own health.

Antisocial activities

When you get involved in something that you are unable to accomplish anything at all without, even spending even a minute of your time, you may engage in actions that are antisocial when you do not have the financial means to purchase cigarettes. It’s possible that you’d rob other people to gain the money you need to buy smokes for yourself. Every antisocial activity is a crime, and engaging in any of them might land you in jail. In a nutshell, if you steal money or anything else with monetary worth in order to get smokes, you run the risk of being sentenced to time behind bars.

If you are sentenced to jail, you will lose respect within your own society as a result of your action. Everyone in your neighbourhood will think of you as a thief or a robber who has robbed others merely to get smokes, and they will label you as such. Your reputation will be ruined in your community, and no one will be interested in developing a relation with you or any of your family members as a result.

To conclude, the Quran is very clear hat Muslims are not permitted to partake in activities that are harmful to their health, and smoking is not an exception to this rule. Because it is damaging to one’s physical health, financial well-being, and even social position,  Islam considers it to be something that is haram, or forbidden. In Islam, the act of smoking a cigarette that is loaded with pure tobacco as well as cigars that contain weed, marijuana, or any other material that contains nicotine is forbidden, which is referred to as Haram in Arabic.

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