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Not all understand the purpose of life. Why are we here? is a big question of all times. Ever since Adam{AS} was created and sent down to our earth for a period of time, man has been seeking an explanation in order to investigate the purpose of living on the face of the earth. Islam gives you a perfect answer that is logical and makes sense.

The holy Quran describes that the only true purpose of our life is that we should be worshipping the Almighty Allah translated God in English. Allah has created man and jin for his worship. There is no other purpose other than worshipping Allah. All other answers are nullified except the factual one that he created us all for his worship and to live our life by his rules and regulations.

Our world is merely a test for the afterlife translated Akhira in the Arabic language. There is a hadith in which Prophet Muhammad[SAW] said that this world has been created for us while we have been created for the hereafter. The summary of the hadith is that we are going through a test in this world. The person who lives a pious life will earn Jannah translated Paradise in English. This world is nothing more than a temporary place and we are just temporary settlers.

Our life is a test. One who lives by the rules of Allah will win while those who won’t live by his commands will be the losers. All humans get a pre-destined year of life. Some live a day while others live hundred years. All are tested here except children. Children always die as innocents in Islam and they go to heaven for free. They won’t be judged by the Almighty Allah. After all, they are immature to barely understand and differentiate between good and bad deeds.

Allah has shown us two ways. The right way will lead us to heaven while the wrong way will throw us into hell. It is up to us to choose the way we want to live. The right path is the straight path or most often called Allah’s path. The wrong path belongs to Satan. People who will follow Allah’s path will be rewarded with Paradise while those who will become slaves of Satan will burn in hell.

All deeds whether bad or good are closely watched by Allah. He has appointed angels who record our actions on a daily basis. Both have a place on our shoulders. The right shoulder is occupied by the angel who records good deeds while the left shoulder is occupied by the angel who records bad deeds. When a man or woman dies, their job of recording deeds ends. Their book of deeds will be revealed on the day of judgment when Allah will check our actions in this world. You will be handed over a book of good deeds in your right hand while a sinner will be given a book of sins. Both will know their position. One who has been given a book of his actions in his right hand will be told be enter into Paradise and the other one holding his book of actions in his left hand will be sent to hellfire.

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