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Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the name of the great human personality humankind has ever seen in history. Prophet Muhammad (saw) lived a challenging life from birth to his last breath. There is perhaps no example of life that was lived with severe hardship as Prophet Muhammad (saw) lived in the history of humanity. The people even almost killed him on many occasions, yet he survived all odds and obstacles to establish the truth that Allah is one, and we should only worship him. He (saw) was hated for his ability to use intellect and honesty. He fought for the rights of orphans, widows, children, women, elders, and, most importantly, little angels buried alive by the pagan Arabs.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born in Mecca in 571 AD in a highly respected tribe called Banu-Hashim. His father, Abdullah, was the son of Abdul-Mutalib, and his mother’s name was Amina. She belonged to the ______tribe. He didn’t even open his eyes when his father died, making him an orphan. When he was born, his grandfather took him to Kaaba for rituals and invited all people of Queresh for food. He gave him the name “Muhammad”, a shock and alien name to everyone around their tribe. When his grandfather was asked why he chose the name, he replied, ” I want Muhammad to be honoured and praised by everyone in the world.

A custom in which children were handed over to the maids of mountain regions even eight days after birth. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was also handed to a maid named Halima. She breastfed Prophet Muhammad (saw) for two years. It is said that Halima had goats and sheep that hardly gave her milk. When she took care of Prophet Muhammad (saw), every goat and sheep became full of milk. That incident created a lot of love in her heart for the child. Halima had a daughter with whom Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to play around. When Prophet (saw) was brought back to Amina, it was difficult for Halima and her daughter to live away from Prophet Muhammad (saw). When he turned six years old, another huge misery fell upon him when he lost his mother, Amina. His grandfather came to care for him until he was eight years old. But, unfortunately, he had to haunt Prophet Muhammad (saw) when his grandfather passed away. His uncle named Abu-Talib, became his guardian, who was his uncle. He would take Prophet Muhammad (saw) to different countries for trade. It was when Prophet Muhammad (saw) got exposure to the world outside of Mecca. It’s said that Prophet Muhammad (saw) came in the eye of a priest in __, and he told his uncle it would be problematic for you and your cousin Prophet Muhammad (saw) if Jews saw him around because I could see signs of prophethood in him, and they will recognise him. Abu-Talib took him away from the place and reversed back to Mecca.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) when he was young, everyone praised him for his nature of honesty and telling the truth. He didn’t lie even if it was against him, which is why he became known by the name Sadiq or Ameen in the region. Everyone would believe in whatever he said because they were already familiar with his nature. He always avoided getting involved in fights and quarrels and instead would help settle the issues between the people.

There is an incident recorded that people of the tribe were rebuilding Kaba, when every one fought for Hajar aswad (black stone). It was decided that whoever comes early in the morning to Kaba, he will put forward a resolution. Prophet Muhammad (saw) came by chance, and every one shouted it is Ameen, it is Ameen. Ameen means truthful man, one who always tells the truth. Prophet Muhammad (saw) suggested to all people involved to bring a cloth and put the black stone on the cloth and take to the corner of the Kaba, therein he placed the black stone in the corner of the building, and hence dispute that could have otherwise killed most was resolved by Prophet Muhammad (saw).

There was a wealthy woman named Khadija who later became his wife in Mecca. She was a merchant who would pay her relatives for trading her business on her behalf in other countries. She came to know about Prophet Muhammad (saw), and hired him for the same purpose after knowing his honesty. Prophet Muhammad (saw)  accepted her offer and brought her a great amount of profit that made her happy and even sent her marriage proposal to Prophet Muhammad (saw). It was accepted, and his uncle arranged Nikah gathering. Nikah was done as per the customs that time. His age during Nikah was 25 while age of Khadija was 40. She lived with Prophet Muhammad (saw) for 25 years until she died at the age of 64. She had six children with Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Prophet Muhammad (saw) wasn’t an ordinary person who lives life without caring much about the outside world. He would ponder upon the creation, universe, God, and many more things. He was searching for the truth of the universe. He was looking for the answers for questions related to life. He would take some food, and water and go to a cave called Hira in his nearby mountain. He wouldn’t come down until his food, and water exhausted. When he turned over 40, he saw arch angel Gabriel who told him you are the prophet. Prophet Muhammad (saw) in fear of his life, came down and went inside his home, and asked his wife Khadija to wear him a blanket. He was trembling with fear because he had experienced presence of Gabriel. Khadija encouraged his husband and told him you have nothing to worry because you don’t lie, rather you are an honest man.

She took Prophet Muhammad (saw) to her cousin named Warqa-bin-Nawfal. Prophet Muhammad (saw) explained his incident he faced in the cave, to which Warqa who was a priest replied that you would be a prophet, and he wished to live until Prophet Muhammad (saw) would be fled by his people.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was now sure he has been chosen by Allah for prophet hood. Arch Angel would meet him and reveal him Quran on a regular basis. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was one day taken to the bottom of mountains where in Arch Angel taught him the way of ablution and offering prayers. Prophet Muhammad (saw) repeated his way of worship to Allah until it became a daily habit. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was then commanded by Allah to invite his people to the path of Allah. He started to invite his family when had food together, and on other important occasions. He would also participate in important events that was joined by thousands of people in Mecca.

The message of Prophet Muhammad (saw) was simple where he would invite people to give up worshipping stones, and idols, they had placed in their homes and Kaba. He would tell them to worship the God who created us all not ones who people created. He conveyed them Prophet Muhammad (saw) was Allah’s prophet and he has been chosen for their guidance. He would forbid people from usurping rights orphans, women, children, elders etc. He would stop them from fight with one another, rather live together with harmony.

Initially new coverts would prayer inside their homes, but the moment a few powerful men like Umar (RA) accepted Islam, they would come open in Kaba to offer their prayers. People of the tribe would make fun of them and would disrespect their newly introduced rituals.  

His new way of living life was disliked by the leaders of tribe. They got together to tell him that Prophet Muhammad (saw) stop preaching his new religion. But, Prophet Muhammad (saw) refused to back down, that increased their irritation. They did not like his way of preaching people to abandon worship something that neither can benefit people nor can harm people. It was merely a business for them, and Prophet Muhammad (saw) would have intellect conversations with people about their faith and practice, their shops were about to be closed. They sensed the threat that Prophet Muhammad (saw) is taking away their people. So, they would come together use different tactics to convince Prophet Muhammad (saw) to leave the new religion he preached. But, Prophet Muhammad (saw) didn’t listen to them rather continued his efforts of spreading Islam.

Things began to get out of control when leaders of the tribe became intolerant of Prophet Muhammad (saw). They began to terrorise Prophet Muhammad (saw)  and his few new coverts. The situation turned so ugly that the tribe leaders were now planning to kill Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his followers. When Prophet Muhammad (saw) saw that his tribe leaders became tyrant on his followers, he ordered them to flee to other places. A group of ___ people fled to a coastal country named Habish. The Quersh sent their letter along with few gifts to the King of the country. They were seeking the king to handover the people who had come to his country. The King called upon the people, asked about their reasons to come into his country. Jaffar Tayyar(RA) who was one of them came forward and told his story to the King. The King was impressed by his new teachings, and he began to cry in tears. He expelled the Quersh leaders who chased the followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to their place in Mecca.

One day Quersh planned to kill the Prophet Muhammad (saw) during a night. Prophet Muhammad (saw) took along his close friend Abu-Baker (RA) and fled to a nearby place called Medina. That was popular by Yathrib that time, which was later changed to Madina. The Quersh got shocked when they none except cousin Ali(RA) who was a kid that time. They beat him badly and asked if he had seen where Prophet Muhammad (saw) fled. They chased him in all directions but returned empty handed. Some tribe people were very close to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his friend who together had hidden in a cave. But, Allah, saved them from when __-__ created a net and a wild pigeon laid the eggs, making people believe that it would have been there for a longer period of time. So, they left it and returned back to Mecca.

People were waiting for his arrival. When they saw Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his friend close, they welcomed him with songs that were filled with respect and honour. Prophet Muhammad (saw) became their part of their life. He would resolve their disputes, and taught them to live together in harmony. They were impressed by his great behaviour and would take him to their homes for a few days as a guest. Prophet Muhammad (saw) would accept their invitation.  To be continued…


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