Privacy Policy

Because we are well aware of the value of protecting the privacy of our customers and site visitors, we are under the obligation to do so in every method that is currently available to us. The following are the overarching concepts that serve as the foundation for our policy regarding privacy:

Log Files Information

We, just like every other website on the internet, maintain log files and make use of them in the same way to gather and analyse information about the people who visit our website. To put it in simpler words, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the address of your Internet service provider (ISP), your browsing behaviour, the pages you view, and so on are all examples of the kind of information that is stored in a log file.

Policy on the Storage of Servers

Please be aware that we do not save any of your personal information on our servers, and we have no plans to start doing so in the near future.

Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by us not only to collect information but also to identify users and track the behaviour of those users. Before you begin exploring the content of our website, you can easily change the settings of your browser so that it will not accept cookies if you do not wish to have cookies sent to your mobile device or computer. Your device’s privacy settings are where you’ll find this setting to adjust it.

Comment Policy

In addition, we might use your comments to improve not just the content but also the services that we provide on by incorporating any suggestions that you may have given us.

Details About an Individual

In addition, we feel it is important to reassure you that your personal information will never be shared with a third party, with the exception of situations in which compliance with mandatory legal obligations is required.

Policies Regarding Advertising

On, we now allow third-party advertising providers like Google AdSense and even affiliate marketers to serve advertisements. The only reason why this website receives any of the money that is made by advertising is so that it can keep its doors open financially. You should also bear in mind that these third-party advertisers will display adverts based on cookies, which are small text files that are saved on your computer and include information about the websites you have visited previously, including the ones you are currently viewing. They do this in order to provide you with adverts on In order to do this, they collect information about your Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser, and browsing behaviour by using cookies on your computer.