Nuclear Family Impact on Society

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A nuclear family consists of a husband, his wife, and any of their children who have not married outside of the family. There has been a worldwide increase in the number of nuclear families. It might appear that a nuclear family has a small number of members. The husband, the wife, and the couple’s offspring make up the family’s three members. When additional children are born to a relationship, it expands and becomes larger.

Both in urban and rural areas, the number of households consisting of just one parent is on the rise. One of the numerous contributors to unequal salaries is the fact that, as a result of modernization, members of a family are more likely to pursue various careers. When members of a family go to work and bring home various amounts of money, arguments are certain to arise, which eventually leads to the breakup of the family. When it comes to the viewpoints of his other brothers, one brother develops intolerance. Problems of this nature are notoriously challenging for the heads of families to solve.

Nuclear families have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on our resources, particularly land and agricultural produce, which are already in very short supply. On the one hand, nuclear families offer a permanent solution for ending family disputes. On the other hand, nuclear families tend to put a lot of pressure on our resources. Land is being used for new construction, which reduces the amount of land available for agriculture, which in turn reduces the amount of food available. If the current rate of increase in nuclear families is maintained, our descendants will either be unable to find land suitable for cultivation or they will face a crisis involving both land and food.

A nuclear family typically does not take care of its members, whether they are young, middle-aged, or senior citizens. They are better taken care of in joint families, which, sadly, are continually losing their relevance with the passage of time. One of the tried and true solutions to the issue of dysfunctional nuclear families would be to bring back the concept of joint families. It is necessary to identify the inducing values that tend to enhance the tie that comes with living together. The parents are responsible for teaching their children life lessons that place an emphasis on cohabitating in nuclear families.

There is a declining trend toward the formation of nuclear families, in which all members of the household pursue the same line of work. They continue to work closely together in the same field. Constructing multi-story buildings is another potential answer to the issue of nuclear families, which can be addressed by reducing their numbers. The third way to reduce the number of nuclear families is through population control, which is not a particularly desirable strategy.

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