Meaning & Types of Rizq in Islam

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Rizq is something very important in our Islamic faith. Rizq refers to all those benefits all organisms require to live and sustain their life. Rizq is a broad term, including food, clothing, money, and other benefits people need to live a worry free life.

In Islam, we believe Rizq which is a collective word for food, clothing, shelter, and other sustenance requirements us created by the almighty Allah before he gives life to an organisms. Every living organism has certain biological needs that drives it towards things that fulfil them. For example, we eat when our bodies feel the necessity of food. We need to put adequate clothes when it is important for us to save our bodies from extreme temperatures, and cold.

Rizq won’t come to us at its own rather we have to search for it through different means of livelihood. Some may work as a labour to earn their livelihood, while some may find a job to earn money for making sure they obtain important life requirements. In a nutshell, we have to move and Allah will bless us with rizq. However, if we don’t move an inch, we won’t be getting our riqz. Allah makes sure that we move and he will provide us food and whatever is necessary in our life.

Rizq has two main types. One type is halal while the second kind is haram. Halal rizq is everything you get though halal means while the haram rizq is forbidden by Allah and is something you get through devil means. In Islam, we have to use halal means or permissible means to acquire rizq. You can’t use stealing, stabbing, and other sick activities to get your rizq. It is prohibited and you will get severe punishment for it.

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