Life and Biography of Abu Bakr (RA)

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Abu Bakr is a childhood friend of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He lived very close to him from his childhood. Abu Bakar was from the Banu Taym tribe, born to Abu Quhafa and Umm Khayr in Mecca. He belonged to a rich family considered one of the wealthiest in the Banu Taym tribe. His father was a wealthy merchant who was respected and honoured everywhere.

Abu Bakar was one of the persons who became Muslim when Prophet Muhammad (saw)  got prophethood and introduced Islam to his tribe. He never doubted his truthfulness because he had lived with him since childhood. Abu Bakar knew ALLAH sent him as a messenger because he observed him as a man who always spoke the truth to help the poor, needy, and orphans in their community.

He is the person who was forced to fleewith Prophet(saw) when leaders of Mecca chased them. Both he and Prophet Muhammad (saw) hid in a cave when Meccans were looking for them around. They couldn’t catch them because a pigeon had laid eggs on a spider net that had covered the opening of a cave, making pagans believe if they had hidden inside this cave, there would not have been eggs laid by the pigeon. That was how Allah protected them from pagan Arabs.

Abu Bakar sacrificed half of his wealth in the way of Allah. He loved Him(SAW) so much that he would stand next to him every time. One of the essential facts about him is that he gave away all he had for the sake of Islam. He was influenced by his (saw) character because there was never a time when he saw acting rudely to others.

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