Is Makeup Haram in Islam?

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All women by nature want to look beautiful. We believe women have every right to use makeup as long as it stays Halal translated as permissible in Islam. Halal is something you are allowed to enjoy while Haram is something forbidden to you. Makeup means using cosmetics that give you better looks. While Muslim women are allowed to put on makeup on their faces as long as they don’t go the rules and regulations of Islam.

Those women who want to use makeup to serve their purpose of beautification can do it under certain conditions. There is nothing haram in doing your makeup when you use it within the boundaries of the Sharia. You are definitely allowed to apply makeup on your face when you meet the following conditions:-

Not for non-mahram men

Women who wear makeup for men other than their husbands are doing haram in Islam. They can’t do makeup for non-mahram translated prohibited men. Husbands are the only mahram people for whom they can use makeup. It is totally ok for a woman to use makeup for her husband. If her intention is just to allure non-mahram people, she is forbidden to do it. The same applies to men. Even they can’t enhance their facial appearance and put on fragrances on their clothes for women other than their wives.

When men or women do apply makeup to please non-mahram people, they are actually inviting the intense anger of Allah. They will be punished for such acts very severely during the day of judgment. Makeup becomes part of adultery translated Zinnah in Arabic when you do it for others than your husband and wife.

Materials in use

All the materials that were used to make cosmetics should not have come from haram substances. Haram substances are materials that are derived from dead animals or swine. No fat or any other material that is culled out of dead animal meat or from those cattle that were not sacrificed in the name of Allah is considered haram in Islam. You are totally forbidden to use them for your makeup.

Harmful for health

It is also haram or forbidden to use all those cosmetics that would prove harmful to your health in general and face in specific. If the makeup which she puts on her face does not go away after she plans to remove it, it is haram as well. Makeups are meant to stay on your face for a temporary period of time. You aren’t allowed to change your natural looks like lip fillers, or tattoos that alter your skin color for the time period you live on earth.

In conclusion, makeups are good and halal in Islam as long as you use them in a way Shariah has permitted you and you aren’t harmed. After all, no harmful substance is allowed in Islam. That is all we have understood and put forward our best interpretation of makeup or use of cosmetics in Islam, rest Allah knows the best.

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