How to Eradicate Begging from our Society

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The day has long since gone for human beings when they would perish as a result of hunger and acute poverty. They have achieved a high level of development and progress in the majority of disciplines, including agriculture, medicine, and transportation, among others. Nevertheless, there are still those in our communities who live around us who are forced to rely on beggary to survive.

Begging, also known as beggary, is a word that describes the act of a person gaining access to money and other essential living necessities without exerting any work or utilising any resources. They don’t have to spend a single dime in order to make his life more comfortable. The majority of the time, beggars come from economically disadvantaged families.

Begging is a problem that practically every society has to deal with. However, it may be traced back to various countries in South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, where its origins can be found. Because poverty has not been eradicated from our nation just yet, begging is at its peak prevalence and frequency in India. Despite the fact that governments at both the federal and state levels are making every effort they possibly can to alleviate the problem, it is still out of control.

One of the significant societal problems that calls for our attention is beggary. Not only does it bring shame to our society as a whole, but it also proves to be catastrophic to the wealth that we have gained. The unfortunate truth about begging is that some people have turned it into a business that requires no capital outlay beyond the time and effort that it takes to do it. Beggars travel from place to place in order to acquire funds at no expense to themselves.

Beggary is the daughter of living in very poor conditions. Begging is a strategy that people who are in really dire financial straits frequently turn to in order to provide for their family. Begging for food, money, and other necessities of life is typically the only option available to someone who is physically unable to hold down a job. People who are mentally and physically competent of working should not be handed anything, but rather they should be encouraged to find employment. This employment will not only provide him with a means of subsistence, but it will also win him respect in the community.

In spite of the many interventions, there are a variety of strategies to alleviate beggary. If you want to help a beggar out, you should give him a large sum of money so that he can build his house and start his own business. It is our responsibility to support them, both monetarily and morally. Begging is a practise that has been fostered in some form or another by social and economic inequality. Begging is the inevitable consequence of individuals failing to give away at least some portion of their amassed fortune.

Begging must be eliminated from society, and one way to do this is to amass a sum of money and give it out in instalments to people who need help getting back on their feet financially. Begging will persist so long as we continue to contribute only little amounts of money to those in need.

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