How to Become a Muslim? (A Step by Step Guide)

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Every single day, the number of people who practise Islam expands in countries all over the world. And why shouldn’t Islam grow when Allah the All-Mighty has already promised that he will reveal the non-believers his signs both within themselves and in the area around them? According to study conducted by Pew, Islam is one of the most rapidly expanding religions in the world and is expected to overtake Christianity within the next couple of decades.

There are a great number of non-Muslims who have converted to Islam for a variety of reasons; nonetheless, several aspects of the religion, particularly its straightforwardness, adherence to logic and reason, and acceptance of scientific knowledge, are what draw the majority of people to it.

One of the most fundamental tenets of Islam is the belief that there is only one God, and that this God has revealed himself to humanity through a messenger known as the Quran. It adheres to the belief that there is only one true God, known as Allah in Arabic, and rejects the concept of numerous gods. In Islam, there is no place for the doctrine of the Trinity or any other form of idolatry. It is a distinct religion that is founded on the fundamental tenet that there is just one God who is deserving of all the adoration and allegiance that is given to him.

When one reads about the key religious people and scriptures of Islam, one gains a better understanding of the religion. It presents logical reasoning and never makes its readers unsure about its commands or the meaning of its message.

The fact that the Quran contains a lot of scientific information is one of the reasons why so many people read it. A great number of scientific truths are mentioned in the Quran. It is astounding in terms of mathematics and discusses topics such as embryology, geography, space, gravity, the water cycle, and life on earth. As soon as non-Muslims become aware of the religion’s scientific indicators, they make haste to adopt Islam as their own faith and religion for the rest of their lives.

The reason Islam has been so successful in winning over people’s hearts and minds is that it frowns upon practises such as racism, social injustice, and bribery, amongst other things. In Islam, there is no hierarchy of superiors or inferiors; rather, all people are seen as being on an equal footing by Allah. There is no such thing as a superior white man to a black man or vice versa. Because it is in fact outlawed and discouraged, the majority of people who have been subjected to societal injustice adopt Islam as their religion of choice.

Becoming a Muslim is very simple, but obeying Islamic law can be challenging—though not impossible for Muslims who are committed to their religion. You will need to have the understanding that in order to become a Muslim, you will have to abstain from all of the practises that you engaged in throughout your previous life. You will be required to forgo every single one of your former religious observances.

A Muslim will pray the five daily prayers, pay zakat, perform the hajj, and observe all of the other essential responsibilities of their religion, including travelling to Makkah. The declaration of Shahada, also known as a witness of one’s beliefs, is the first and most important need to fulfil in order to become a Muslim. You will need to declare with your tongue that there is no other deity worthy of worship save Allah, and that the prophet Muhammad (saw) is his messenger and servant.

After you have finished repeating it in your head, you are finished. Your life before you converted to Islam will be very different from your life after you convert to Islam. You will have to make a daily trip to the mosque in order to participate in the prayers there. When you have made the decision to follow the Islamic faith, you will be expected to recite the Shahada in both Arabic and your native tongue. This is the only requirement for becoming a Muslim.

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