Heaven (Jannah) vs Hell (Jahannam) in Islam

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Hell and heaven are talked about in almost all religions people practice worldwide. Both heaven and hell are different destinations people believe exist on the other side of our life. We will either go to heaven, a lovely place for people who do good deeds or land in hell because of our evil deeds. Your final destination will be heaven or hell, depending upon your acts, whether good or bad. If you do evil deeds in your life, your next life will be in hell, and if you do good deeds, you will be rewarded with heaven by Allah.

Almighty God, who we call Allah in Arabic, has created hell and heaven as two different destinations for our actions. If you don’t do good things in this life, you will be placed in hell, translated Jahannam in Arabic, in the afterlife. In contrast, if you do good with other people, your place hereafter would indeed be heaven, translated Jannah in Arabic.

Heaven, also called Paradise in Islam, is the best place for all those Muslims who do good deeds in this world. And on the other hand, all those involved in evil acts won’t be spared by Allah and will be thrown into hellfire. This is perhaps one of the simple answers to the most frequently asked questions – who’ll go to heaven? Allah translated God into Arabic and says in one of the shortest Quranic chapters called Surah Asr (Chapter Asr) that all those believers who qualify for four minimum criteria are guaranteed to land in Paradise. The four essential requirements to enter heaven include:

  • Faith in Allah
  • Offer prayers
  • Support and promote the truth
  • Have patience

Faith in Allah

To hold the belief that there is no other god than Allah who is deserving of our worship and obedience is vital to having faith in Allah, and it is this conviction at the heart of faith in Allah. It implies accepting that Allah controls everything in this world and worlds beyond this one, even if we cannot see those other worlds. He is the creator of everything in the universe, even things beyond our physical abilities, and he retains control over everything. In his vast kingdom, he is entitled to create or destroy anything he wants whenever he wants. There are too many reasons why we need to have faith in Allah and his power.

The conduct of prayers, known as Salah in Arabic, is the second most critical part of the entrance into Paradise. The act of praying, known as salah, must be carried out at least five times each day and is required of all Muslims and Muslimas. You are not allowed to skip prayers except when travelling or other circumstances make it impossible for people to pray for you. The prayers must be conducted in conformity with the instructions given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Islam and Allah are absolute truths. As a follower of Islam, you will always be expected to support and promote Islam in different cultures and among people who have never had the opportunity to read Islam. It is undeniable that Allah alone is worthy of worship and that Islam is the only way to earn you Paradise from the one who rules over all worlds and all in them.

Patience is another essential prerequisite that will be useful to you as you make your way to Paradise. You must keep your patience under any circumstances that the all-powerful Allah subjects you to. You will need to have patience and faith that Allah will reward you for your good deeds hereafter, regardless of whether you are living in poverty or suffering any injustice.

All these four significant criteria will need to be fulfilled before people are allowed to enter Paradise, also known as heaven. A person who fails all four measures has no prospect of entering Paradise; instead, they are bound to fall into the deep gorge of hell, where they will burn forever.

Heaven Jannah in Islam has countless features. One of them is that it has eight entrance gates, and all right doors of heaven have names – Baab As-Salaat, Baab Al-Jihad, Baab As-Sadaqah, Baab Ar-Rayyaan, Baab Al-Hajj, Baab Al-Kaazimeen, Baab Al-Iman, Baab Al-Dhikr. All those Muslims who enter heaven won’t ever get old, and they will get every food served, depending on their wish. If they wish for a mango, a branch of the mango plant will come down on its own to help the believer. They will also have 72 virgins around them. The best wines will be served to them.

Hell, on the other hand, is the worst place of punishment for Satan and his followers. His followers are people who do satanic works. We fall short of words to describe the intensity of punishment for people who will go to hell. Hell is a painful place where bad deed-doers will burn forever. Hell has always been burning and waiting for Satan and his followers. Men and stones are its fuel to make sure it remains ever blazing. They would be facing the intense heat of hellfire. Hell translated Jahannam has seven levels reserved for different people with the level of evil acts they do in the world.

Hell should be filled by those evildoers who don’t fear God when it comes to doing evil deeds. All the evil acts people do will lead them to hell, where they will always burn with the blazes of fire. They will be given puss, boiling water to drink, and blood when they feel thirsty in hell. They won’t be spared except sinful Muslims, who would be taken out of hell after some time they have tasted in hell. The rest of the people will remain in hell forever, as they don’t stand any opportunity to live in heaven with Muslims.

In conclusion, we seek forgiveness from hell and ask Allah to guide us on the straight path and reward us with the highest place in Paradise, translated by Jannah in Arabic.

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