Halal vs Haram in Islam

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Every religion that is practised by people in our world has its followers abiding by a certain rule of conduct that governs everyday life. The followers of each of these faiths are taught the most desirable habits that should be adopted into their daily lives. They are taught how to conduct themselves properly in relation to a variety of situations.

Islam has laid down certain conditions when it comes to eating, sitting, and in general living a life. Islam has come up with the concepts halal and haram for its followers. While most Muslims understand the meaning of halal and harm, a few of them are alien to these concepts. Even non Muslims most often than not don’t understand both halal and haram and we think it is not their fault but ours who have failed to make them understand these important aspects of Islam.

Halal is what is permissible while haram is what is not permissible for Muslims. For example, eating meat of permissible animals such as lamb, goat, etc is halal in Islam but eating pork is totally forbidden in Islam. Eating pork, drinking alcohol, smoking weed or cigarettes are in no way halal things. They are all considered haram translated forbidden in English.

Islamic Scholar Israr Ahmad (RA) defines haram as a boundary or limit Muslims should not dare to cross. If they do cross the line, they will end up doing a sin. What Allah has permitted should be practiced while as what Allah has forbidden to do should he avoided by the Muslims.

All Muslims can drink tea, coffee, water, milk, juice, etc because they are all Halal translated permissible in English. They can’t however, eat pork, do adultary with women out of their wedlocks. These haram things have more harm than good for people and that is why Allah has forbidden Muslims to touch them in their life.

Despite the fact that nothing has been said about smoking but since causes lung cancer, it is totally forbidden or haram in Islam. Anything that harms your health, family and your wealth is haram in our religion.

The end results of both halal and haram are different. People who do haram will end up in hell while those who do halal will be rewarded with a home in Paradise. Haram leads to sins while Halal leads to sawab. To be continued…..

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