50 Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslims In 2023

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All those Muslims who have been running businesses for many years may find that starting a new business is simple, but it is not a cakewalk game for those who have never been in that position. They would face difficulties, but in the end, they would end up as winners if they stick to their dedication and make themselves able to learn with time. They would indeed become successful, but they will ensure that everything they do will need to be done with extra care and caution.

While Muslims can do any business they want, they always want to make sure that the company they start should be halal translated, permissible in Arabic or something that doesn’t go against their Islamic religious beliefs. Here we have come up with a list of almost 50 best small business ideas for all those Muslims who want to become bosses.

Refurbishing antique furniture

People are ready to get rid of their old furniture because they believe it is pointless to utilise it in any form now that it is past its prime and has outlived its usefulness. Restoring the antique table owned by individuals who live in the area around your city is one of the many ways that can be undertaken to achieve this objective, which is just one of a wide range of possible alternatives.

Announcement services

You can put your skills to use by announcing a wide range of events and occasions for other people, such as weddings, the launch of new businesses, events, and so on.

Aquarium maintenance

If you want to boost your chances of making more money, one way to do it is to launch a business that includes performing tasks that other people would prefer not do, such as cleaning aquariums.

Art Auctions

In the case that you have an interest in the field, you might put your skills to use by organising a gathering of art owners and art enthusiasts as well as by spreading the word about the event.

Artist agent

Being an agent for up-and-coming fresh talent may not only be a very rewarding job but also one that enables one to travel to other parts of the world.

Awning cleaning

The easiest way to get money is to get a job that most people would rather avoid doing. It is effective to clean awnings, and people are able to observe the improvement immediately after it has been completed.


If you are good at baking, you could establish your own business and make a living doing something you enjoy if you decide to go in that way. You could  offer baked goods for sale at events, sell baked goods to customers passing through the area, and even deliver baked goods to local businesses.

Bed & Breakfast

In addition to successfully managing this, you also provide guests who are staying at your property for shorter lengths of time with food and other essentials. These guests may be staying at your house for a longer period of time. A significant number of individuals take pleasure in the work.

Bicycle tours

Finding courses that are “in a place where few people go” and full of adventure may be a fun and profitable activity as well as a business opportunity. It is important to keep in mind that people enjoy having a challenge as well as seeing magnificent sights while planning their trips.

Boat rentals

Fishing enthusiasts and vacationers alike are able to rent boats for trips ranging from a few hours to several days. There is a potential market for one’s entrepreneurial skills in practically every aspect of life. One should always be looking for new opportunities.

Book keeping service

If you are good with numbers, you could put your skills to good use by keeping the books for other people who either lack the time or the desire to keep their own books. This would put your skills to use while also allowing you to making some extra amount of money for your family.

Business broker

When your reputation as a business broker grows, you’ll realize that businesses approach you rather than the other way around. You can act as a matchmaker between business owners and purchasers and make a profit from the transaction. You could even wish to consider beginning publication of a business sales weekly or magazine.

Car storage

People frequently have the feeling that they need to store their vehicles. People will need somewhere to put their precious possessions while they go on vacation or even when terrible weather strikes. If you are able to find a safe housing and keep an eye on it, this could be the least difficult money you have ever made.

Career coach

How many people do you know who are floundering through life because they have no idea what they want to accomplish with it? You can easily match people to the careers that are the best fit for their personality and the things that they are passionate about in life if you have some basic knowledge and do some research.

Cartridge refiler

People are looking for low-cost alternatives that are risk-free and dependable because the prices of printer cartridges continue to rise. Get rid of the mess with your very own refilling service. Why not provide a delivery and collecting service that goes from door to door? How many other businesses do this?


If you are interested in doing this, you could make it work regardless of whether your prior experience is in management or catering. Find events that require catering, and then look for Chef’s. It’s as simple as that. It is possible that you may need to compile a list of competent chefs who are available to assist you on an as-needed basis.

Chocolate making service

Because there is always a demand for chocolate, if you can create a flavour that is distinctive and appealing, you might be able to cash in big time and make a living off of it.

Cloth diaper service

One of those occupations that many people really don’t want to have to deal with because the pay is low and the work is easy (but it stinks!).

Commercial cleaning

When the workday is over, commercial spaces, kitchens, and factories all need to be maintained clean and safe; thus, you should step in and make it shine. You have a chance to shine!

Cookie making

Cookies are simple to make and can be sold in person or online. One option for selling cookies is at a local community event. It would be beneficial for children to investigate the possibility of pursuing this business opportunity.

Computer repair technician

Even though the majority of homes have them, millions of individuals become worried whenever something goes wrong with them. You might be able to turn your interest in computers into a lucrative company if you are familiar with their inner workings.

Deck building

Housing decking will frequently require either complete replacement or, at the very least, periodic restaining. It’s the kind of work that people go out of their way to complain about, so if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you should give it a shot.


The prevalence of obesity continues to rise, and more and more people seem to have lost their bearings. You might easily get regular clients if you worked as a dietician and counselled them on the most effective approach to get into shape while maintaining a healthy diet.

Dry cleaning delivery

Provide a simple service that brings people’s dry cleaned clothing to and from your location. Anyone is capable of taking other people’s stuff in exchange for quick cash.

Flea market organizer

These days, lots of individuals like selling their own goods at flea markets or through online auctions on eBay rather than doing so through traditional channels. They are aware of the fact that this strategy might generate a significant amount of revenue and consequently look into renting out space on a field. You only need to make contact with landowners and farmers, then make them an offer to handle the complete operation in exchange for a fee.

Furniture repairs

You don’t need to go out and buy brand new furniture if you can have the old pieces refinished. People are going to be grateful to you for providing this service since it will make them feel as though they had new furnishings at a much lesser cost.

Freelance writer

When you work as a freelance writer, you have the ability to determine your own rates. If you have a natural talent for writing, you have the potential to earn a significant amount of money from it. Make sure to join sites that offer freelance work so that you may establish a reputation for yourself and obtain trustworthy feedback from clients who are pleased with your work.

Grocery delivery service

A fantastic idea. play the role of “middle man” between the various retail establishments and the homes of individual customers. The elderly often have difficulty leaving their homes and would be grateful for assistance in doing so. People will prefer to avoid the long lines throughout the holidays and the Christmas season, which is good news for your business.

Hair removal service

The undesirable hair that grows on eyebrows, necks, backs, and legs needs to be removed, but the prospect of doing it oneself is a source of discomfort for many people; hence, you can turn this into a lucrative business opportunity by offering to do it yourself.


They claim that everyone has an idea inside of them, so why don’t you write down the ones you think of and check to see whether anyone else has made one of those?

Kite building service

What a thrilling experience it is to be flying through the air! Construct entertaining kits including drawings from kids and peddle them to customers to get quick cash.

Lawn care service

People genuinely care about their homes and want them to appear beautiful at all times. If you are qualified, starting a lawn care firm might bring in a lot of easy money. You may frequently treat their lawns more affordably than they are able to do it themselves.

Network marketing

If you are outgoing and enjoy interacting with other people, you may be able to make more money in a shorter amount of time than you ever thought possible. It is possible to make enormous money!

Online Tutoring

As a result of the growing interest in acquiring new knowledge, it is now possible to instruct oneself face to face through the use of software such as Skype or to create one’s own online courses. Even on the internet, classes can be taught if an instructor is hired and students are recruited through advertising.

Personal Chef service

Why not give your guests to an unforgettable experience by hiring a personal chef for your next family gathering? They will talk about it for weeks afterward.

Personal trainer

People who want to be in shape but lack the self-discipline to do so on their own present an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a lot of money.


If you are good at what you do, you will always be in demand, and people will suggest you to others. Since weddings, parties, and business events all need to be captured, why not aid those by offering your own photographic and video service?

River rafting

A once-in-a-lifetime thrilling experience for people who enjoy being on the edge of their seats; if you are familiar with the waterways, you have the potential to make a lot of money off of your experiences, but it will never feel like work to you.

Roof installations

This is an excellent business option for you if you do not suffer from a fear of heights and do not mind working on homes that have roofs that need to be repaired. Because of this, you are essentially dependent only on your own capabilities to bring in money.

Scrap metal collection / recycling

The recognition that we can no longer lead a throw-away lifestyle has led to a significant increase in the demand for recycling, which is expected to continue growing as time goes on. You may make quick money by sorting the garbage left behind by other people and selling it on to recyclers.

Security lighting

People are understandably worried in light of the rising incidence of criminal activity. This can include both residential and commercial buildings, so why not provide individuals advice on the most effective approach to go.

Self defence classes

Encourage people to take care of their bodies and instil in them the belief that they can protect themselves. A qualified educator will always be in demand and bring in a respectable income on a consistent basis. With sufficient student enrolment, this has the potential to become a full-time source of revenue.

Stopping smoking courses

If you have been able to quit smoking, you should consider teaching others how to do the same since it will benefit you very much financially to do so if you have already been successful at quitting yourself.

Tax accountant

If dealing with numbers excites you, put your enthusiasm to good use by assisting other people with the preparation of their tax bills.

Tour guide

If you are familiar with the surrounding area and visitors visit, you might use your knowledge to provide them with an experience that they will never forget by sharing it with them.

Transcript service

There is a significant need for those who are capable of accurately transcribing audio recordings and events into written form. Many people who promote their products online want transcriptions of their podcasts to provide to their customers.

Web design service

Utilize your expertise to gain the attention of these businesses, as each year more and more businesses want a website that looks great.

Window and door repair

People have an ongoing and yearly need to thoroughly maintain their homes. This is something that cannot be avoided.

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