Halal and Haram Business in Islam

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Islam encourages people to engage more in businesses and trade as compared to the jobs. Islam wants all Muslims to own their business rather than working for someone else, although Islam doesn’t prohibit people from working for others. Business is a commercial activity that is done to earn some profit. There are two types of business from the perspective of Islam. Halal and haram business. A halal business is an economical activity people do to earn profit without going against the tenants of Islam. Halal means something you are allowed to do while haram means you are prohibited to do and consume.

Haram activity is any work that has been forbidden by Islam and a business that goes against the Quran and Sunnah is considered a haram business. All Muslims are discouraged to get involved in an activity that is considered as haram in Islam. Islam considers any business haram that do not comply with the Islamic teachings and values. Gambling businesses, companies that trade in the procurement and sale of swine, sale of alcohol, weeds, tobacco, etc are all counted in the list of haram businesses. All these haram businesses tend to harm our societies instead of benefitting our communities.

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