Fostering Entrepreneurship in Kashmir

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It is really upsetting to watch how the young ones of our society are perpetually haunted by feelings of hopelessness and depression. Even more disheartening is the fact that we, as parents and as more mature members of our society, are not taking any action to combat the worsening of this problem. And as a direct consequence of this, we are seeing rising rates of drug addiction, suicide, and other antisocial behaviours among our younger generations. This is not an optimistic sign for the future of our society.

Our younger generation is suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, including anxiety, sadness, and hopelessness, due to a number of different factors. For the most part, however, I blame it on the fact that they are out of work. They are unable to locate appropriate means of subsistence for themselves. There is a severe lack of employment opportunities available in both the commercial and public sectors. It is now time that we take note of the situation and seek for better solutions to bring down the alarming rate of unemployment that we are currently experiencing. And there is no other option that can assist us combat this threat more effectively than engaging in entrepreneurial activity.

Entrepreneurship is the practise of putting one’s skills and resources to use in order to establish a business with the intention of making a profit, and those who engage in this activity are referred to as entrepreneurs.

They begin each and every day by developing innovations, which are ideas that may be put into action to have a benefit. Unless you are born into and raised in a society and family that are exposed to the customs of the entrepreneurial culture, it is extremely difficult to become a successful entrepreneur. And it is quite disappointing to witness the complete opposite of that in Kashmir. We have always been a society that places a considerably higher value on working for the government than for private companies. We never took the time to consider the possibility that there would not always be employment available in the government for our children. Our history could have been truly remarkable and instructive for people from other countries if we had given the culture of entrepreneurship the proper amount of importance in our earlier decades.

However, it is better to start late than never because there is still a lot of potential in Kashmir for the development of an entrepreneurial culture. The culture of entrepreneurship includes all of the values, beliefs, and practises that encourage and inspire our children to start their own businesses rather than work for someone else. During their early years, they participate in activities that foster the development of management and leadership skills. They develop the bravery to accept and face risks and unknown uncertainties as they mature with the passage of time and as they do so, they get more courageous.

Building a culture of entrepreneurship in our society enables our children to meet their own financial responsibilities once they reach maturity by enabling them to establish successful enterprises for themselves and others in their communities. They are given the ability to continue to be involved with their works, which, as a result, reduces the amount of mental space available for feelings of sadness and hopelessness in the individuals’ brains. They have the ability to nurture quiet thoughts, which is incredibly vital in order to have a happy life. This talent is given to them by the entrepreneurial culture.

The culture of entrepreneurship can be fostered in our society in a number of different ways. Schools need to develop and implement an appropriate curriculum for teaching entrepreneurship. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important to solicit the opinions of industrialists, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship should become a proper part of our school curriculum. It should be made a compulsory subject to pass for students. It ought to be taught all the way from basic studies all the way up to higher studies, and a suitable faculty ought to be selected in the same way that mathematics, science, and other subject faculty are picked in our private and government institutions.

The second way to help establish entrepreneurial culture is through building training institutes. These learning centres should assure proper contracting with industrialists, business owners, and successful entrepreneurs for the sake of training and imparting entrepreneurial skills to potential candidates, and they should ensure that this happens. Different areas of interest should each be catered to by a unique set of classes. However, all courses offered should have entrepreneurship basics in common. There should also be a proper placement of chapters in all courses.

The use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, amongst others, is another excellent and cutting-edge method for instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in our younger generation. This is due to the fact that the majority of time spent by our younger generation on these platforms. It is important that individuals establish and share on these internet platforms successful tales and lessons that motivate others to start their own businesses.

In conclusion, if we embrace and practise entrepreneurship culture in Kashmir, we would become able to contain our worst-ever unemployment rate, and we would also be able to help our youth become hopeful that they will be able to live a comfortable, if not a lavish, life in the future. This would be a win-win situation. We will also be successful in curbing the use of illegal drugs and protecting our younger generation from engaging in aggressive behaviour.

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