7 Best Small Business ideas for Women in India

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Women have shown over and over again that they can lead men not just in education, health care, and other fields, but also in business. Several studies show that the number of businesses owned by women is going up all over the world. This level of progress by women over time busts a big myth: that women can’t start their own businesses because they don’t have the skills.

It also shows us that we shouldn’t underestimate women’s ability to start and run a successful business. Instead, we should accept that they have what it takes to start and run a business. Still, here are 7 small business ideas for Indian women who want to start their own businesses and want to work from home.

Become a blogger

Blogs are a great example of a home-based business that Indian women can start. Google Adsense and a few other affiliate marketing companies deserve a big thank you for making it possible for us to make money while sharing our ideas and thoughts with other people through blogging. To start a blog and make it successful, you need a laptop, an internet connection, and, of course, the ability to write content that helps other people make decisions. To start your journey as a blogger, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Choose a niche for your blog based on what you know. It could be business, social work, health, or something else.
  • You can use WordPress or Blogger to create and design a blog.
  • Choose a topic and write long, high-quality posts about it once, twice, or three times a week. When you first start blogging, you should have at least 1,000 words.
  • Look for other blogs in your niche and link to them. You should also do SEO on your own page.
  • Use social media to get people to read your blog posts.
  • Once you have a good number of visitors (at least 100 per day), you can apply to Google Adsense to show ads on your blog.
  • Be consistent with your blog over time, and don’t give up until you can make a living from it full time.

Affiliate marketing

As you blog more, you’ll learn about many ways to make money, but affiliate marketing will always stand out as the best way to make a lot of money from your blog. When you sign up for affiliate marketing programmes, you will be promoting other people’s goods or services to your site’s visitors. If a member of your audience buys something through one of your affiliate links, you will get a cut of the sale.

Basket Weaver

Basket weaving is a good business for women who are talented and good at making things. You will also make more money than you can imagine. But it’s important to note that good crafting skills aren’t the only thing you need. You also need to be good at marketing if you want to beat the stiffer competition in the industry.

Pet Sitting

Pet lovers could start a pet sitting business. Pet sitting is a new business that’s growing every year. This industry didn’t exist a decade ago. Experts say 3% of homes utilise a pet sitter or dog walker.

3 percent sounds little, but that corresponds to 50 to 60 million visits yearly and 10,000 bonded or insured pet-sitter enterprises. Pet-sitting business: Pet-sitters care for pets when their owners are away for a day, vacation, or business.

Pet caretakers walk, feed, groom, and sometimes give pets medication or injections. Extra services include daytime in-home visits and pooper-scooping.

As families become busy and more two-income families with pets travel, pet sitting will be needed. Pet-sitting is a family business that a conscientious child can join. It’s a low-investment enterprise.

Catering Business

If you love cooking, inventing and testing new recipes, and serving people, a catering business may be for you.

Every day, hundreds of catered events occur in the U.S. and worldwide, making catering a high-demand company. Catering is a $7.1 billion industry, according to the National Association of Catering Executives.

Catering doesn’t need you to please everyone. Specify. You may only cater weddings. Perhaps corporate events, banquets, or cocktail parties interest you. Wherever people meet to eat and chat, catering will be needed.

Starting a catering business does not require a formal cooking background, and you can start small in your kitchen or a spare room. You can start part-time and expand to full-time. Catering lets you be creative, have fun, and own your own business.

Bookkeeping Service

If you’re good with numbers, organised, and detail-oriented, you may like bookkeeping. Starting a bookkeeping service has several benefits. Growing numbers of small business owners who can’t afford a full-time accountant are launching bookkeeping services.

Many entrepreneurs know they must keep proper records but don’t want the hassle. Many small and large businesses outsource their accounting and bookkeeping. People still dislike arithmetic and don’t love managing their finances, so they’d rather pay someone else to do it.

All of these reasons show that bookkeeping services are needed and will remain so. You don’t need to rent pricey office space for this home business concept for women. Home-based businesses are possible.

No extra staff is needed. Start part-time and go full-time as demand grows. Keep your day job and create a part-time bookkeeping business.

If you love numbers but lack the bookkeeping skills, don’t worry. Many resources offer training. Online courses give you the abilities you need in your spare time.

Event Planning

If you love entertaining and organising events, welcome to event planning. Event planners are creative, organised, and people-oriented.

Event planners plan events. Birthday parties, anniversaries, to business celebrations, political fundraisers, fashion displays, product launches, and conferences. Event planning requires no additional education or skills to start, and you can operate from home like a catering business.

Event planning is a growing industry. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, estimates annual special event spending at $500 billion. As baby boomers mature, they have more to celebrate and do, says Goldblatt. If you’ve ever dreamed of beginning your own event planning firm, now’s the time.

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