3 Benefits of using Clay or Earthen Pots

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People living on our planet four or five decades ago were likely to have used clay or earthenware pots for most of their cooking and storage needs. The shelves of virtually every kitchen in the globe contained at least one of these clay pots. The ancient people utilised them for various purposes, the most common for cooking, storing grains and water, and even dining meals. It is awful that our planet no longer has glorious days like them.

Unfortunately, those days disappeared when our older adults used them in their daily lives. Neither people nor pots are before our eyes anymore. It isn’t very sure that anyone in our generation remembers the golden age and time of potters coming to our villages and towns to sell their earthen pots.

When people started utilising pots made of earth, it altered how they cooked meals, how they held water, and even how they stored cereals, grains, and other types of food. Potters were individuals who learnt how to make pots as a means of making a living and then sold those pots to customers. To shape the damp clay, the potters would make use of their expertise as well as a variety of tools. Afterwards, they would wait a very long period for it to dry out and then bake the finished products in fireplaces. Even if there are still quite a few potters living in the world today, it is a great tragedy that their profession is no longer practised.

Here are three reasons we believe reusing earthen pots is an excellent idea for living a happy life.

Health friendly

We are not claiming that earthen pots are unbreakable or will not shatter or crack if they are not appropriately handled. When individuals would take them, an excessive level of caution was required. Clay pots, on the other hand, supply a significant number of health benefits, and we won’t even try to hide the fact that information from you.

Clay cooking pots resulted in meals that were not only delicious but also beneficial to one’s health. The explanation behind why earthen pots brought such benefits is that a neutralised pH balance was achieved due to the alkaline nature of the clay interacting with the acidic meal. This can be understood by the following:

Most of the time, healthcare professionals who patients consulted advised their patients’ carers to prepare meals in clay pots rather than any other container. They recovered from the illness much more quickly due to it. Even today, most medical professionals recommend cooking and serving food in clay pots to patients who suffer from sugar and diabetes. This is a living illustration of clay’s positive effects on one’s health. Clay pots are still used to serve food to new mothers after giving birth in many rural areas, even though the new mothers may be pregnant at the time.

Employment generation

Introducing kitchenware made of aluminium, steel, and other metals into our society have lost jobs for millions of skilled artisans and employees in related fields. This is a truth that cannot be disputed. The instant people started using other containers in place of clay pots, their way of life came crashing down around them. By reusing clay pots in our daily lives, we could assist in reestablishing a connection between their art and their means of subsistence.

In the pottery industry, job opportunities are available not just to artisans but also to persons from other fields interested in working. As a result, we will ensure the return of employment for potters and even produce additional direct and indirect employment opportunities for individuals who are currently jobless and wandering around looking for work. Additionally, it will assure the well-being of our society and the general advancement of economic development.

Regain back our culture

The moment we started using metals for pottery, a significant amount of damage was done to the image of our cultural heritage. Not only have we lost a substantial component of our culture, but also the art associated with the production of ceramics. When we switched to utilising clay pots in our everyday lives, it was not difficult to bring back the joyous expressions of contentment that had previously been on our potters’ faces.

In conclusion, there is sufficient room for us to accomplish numerous goals that contemporary people require. When we get back into business with clay pots, we will enjoy a great deal of success as a result. When this problem is solved, not only will we be able to live a healthier life, but we will also be able to create more jobs, we will be able to restore the image of our culture, and most importantly, we will not have any problems with pollution. After all, we individuals in this time have an extreme requirement for such items because our lives are so chaotic.

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