3 Benefits of Reciting the Holy Quran Daily

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The holy Quran is very sacred in the eyes of all Muslims living around the world. Muslims beleive it to be the word of God that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) 1400 years ago over a period of 23 years. We beleive the Quran contains answers for all life problems but we have to make sure we find them while doing our best to analyse every word of it.

Gives you guidance

Quran is the book of guidance as you get guided towards the lord when you read and analyse the verses of the holy Quran. The very first chapter translated Surah in the Arabic language is Surah Fatiha in which you are seeking guidance from the Allah and the rest of the Quran from Surah Baqarah to Surah Naas is the collective answer for your prayers. When you read the holy Quran with the intention to obtain guidance, Allah will surely help you out to connect with him. The Quran softens the hard hearts and brings you back on the track that leads you to the lord of the worlds Allah.

No need to fear

When you read the Quran with full attention, you fears go away like the feathers go away with a wind. You don’t need to fear anything other than Allah when the holy Quran enters your heart and mind. There is no evil power in the universe that can harm you when you read the holy Quran daily. You will be protected instead by the almighty Allah whenever evil forces attempt to haunt you down.

You will be at peace

Quran gives you peace in your heart when you read it in your home or anywhere else. Your mind will be at peace when you recite the holy Quran. When you have a peaceful heart, you will for sure have a healthy body and soul to help you live your life to the fullest.

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