Answering Robert Spencer on Jihad in Islam

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Robert Spenser, a staunch enemy of Islam, has published a great deal of stuff that criticises Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). When it comes to criticising Islamic beliefs, he loses his mind more often than not, but he does so without realising that the Bible, which he regards as the word of God, contains a great number of passages that are troublesome. He is nothing more than a political tool who is being used by the Matrix against Islam without even attempting to know the facts on his own by doing independent research. It is clear that he is hypocritical when he claims that the Quran commands killing all nonbelievers, including Christians and Jews, but he does so without reading the text in its entirety.

He can see verses in the Quran where Allah commands believers to kill all those who have came to fight you, but becomes blind when he is asked to read Hosea 13:16 in which their god is seen giving commandments of killing innocent unborn children. At least, the Quran tells believers to kill all those who are equipped to fight them. Robert Spenser must know the facts written in the Bible. He must not act like an immature. He has not grown fully to understand the context of the Quran. He has no problems with the Bible that advocates morally unacceptable verses that claim killing unborn children.

The Quran forbids Muslims to kill children, women, old age people, and even forbids them from destroying the properties of disbelievers who have come for a war with Muslims. No Muslims is allowed to kill children, women, old people of disbelievers because Allah is an absolute just who says one who wages a war against you, don’t spare him but don’t even dare to touch his children, wife, elderly, etc, after all, they have done no harm to you.

Robert the hypocrite who runs mouth against Islam should die in shame after seeing Hosea 13:16. His cruel god is merely a pagan who doesn’t even spare innocent children. We don’t subscribe to the commands of that god who advocates its followers to kill innocent children and elderly people. We believe in a absolute just Allah who says kill the one who has come to kill you and don’t even dare to touch the person who doesn’t harm you.

Robert the Hypocrite can’t see those multiple verses of Bible that promote the idea that don’t spare anything when it comes to fighting non-Christians. The irony of his useless brain is that he never has attempted to study Jihad against with he been very vocal in public places. He must understand that Islam brought justice to the people who were oppressed by his crusades.

He must understand the fact that Christianity has harmed Science more than any religion on the face of earth. It is recorded in the historical works that Christian Churches have tortured, and put to death so many scientists. If Churches had not done such terrible actions against science, our scientific development would have been more progressive. It is shameful for Christianity that has poisoned popular thinkers in history who would have changed the world.

Muslims leaders and scholars are also to be blamed for their defensive mode of proving to the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam don’t need certificates of others rather Allah is sufficient for us. We must not cry out to the world that our religion is peaceful rather our Islam is an absolute just that advocates its followers to fight those who fight you and leave those who don’t fight you.

Robert the Hypocrite must learn the brutal lessons of Bible and should become a matured person to understand the scriptures in context. He should stop behaving like a hypocrite if he is really sincere in his efforts of understanding Islam. He won’t change his stupid and paganist mindset. He must reflect on the verses of Bible where it is taught to kill the innocent people.

Robert the Hypocrite had dead morals because he didn’t condemn the killings of innocent children and people who were bombarded in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. His mouth was locked when he was supposed to protest against the killings of innocent people in Syria. Robert couldn’t die in regret when he saw children being murdered by the Israelites because his so called God’s word Bible has passages that advocate killing people of other faiths.

Robert the Hypocrite can’t read 1 Samuel 15:3 wherein his god to kill women, children, infants, and even animals. He can’t see Isaiah 13:16 where his so called lord tells him to dash infants into pieces. Robert, you must learn the fact that your Bible is filled with such verses that are against humanity. Your allegations against Islam fits well with your own Christianity. We have shown you time and time again the concrete proof that Bible is merely a collection compiled by a warlord. If you still can’t believe even after showing you so many objectionable verses from your own Bible, you must see a doctor soon.

Muslims hope you get guidance from the one and only true God who we revere as Allah in our prayers and daily affairs. We hope you begin your sincere efforts to understand our beautiful religion Islam and come out for its praise in the public. You can object Islam but you’ll have to prove it when you come in a debate with Muslims. Your books against Islam don’t make sense because we can see your immature brain processing immature thoughts.

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