All you Need to Know about Shaitan in Islam

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Shaitaan is an Arabic word for Satin or devil. Almost all religions on the face of earth talk about Satan. Shaitaan is the very first enemy of Almighty God. The holy Quran describes Satan as someone who disagreed with Allah to bow down infront of Adam(AS).

Shaitaan had a pious life before becoming an enemy number one to the Almighty Allah. It is most often said that there is no place on the planet earth where Shaitan or Devil didn’t offer his prayers. Shaitaan was someone among Jinns translated ghosts in the English language. His status was so made so high that Allah has placed him in the line of Angels. However, when he denied to bow down to Adam, his royal status was snatched from him.

Satan was previously called by the name Azazel. However, he was renamed with the name Iblis when he became arrogant enough to not obey Allah’s order. His story of disobeying has been described in the Quran. Allah decided to create a new creation by ordering angels to bring clay. All angels obeyed what was told to them except Shaitaan.

A human like structure was created by Allah and all angels were commanded to bow down infront of him. All Angels except Iblis bowed down on Allah’s order. Shaitaan refused to bow down because he became arrogant. Allah asked him why u didn’t bow down to which Shaitaan replied you want me to put down my head infront of someone you have created from clay. It won’t happen. That was the moment when Allah snatched all the honers of Shaitaan.

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