Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation

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One of the most recent technological advances made by humans is automation. The term “automation” refers to the utilization of automatic systems, rather than human labour, in the performance of a certain range of tasks. Despite the fact that it is very effective, automation is actually anti-power. In a nutshell, one way to conceptualise automation is as anything or someone that carries out operations independently of human intervention.

At the present, automation is put to a significant amount of use in commercial operations, whereas its application in non-commercial activities is extremely limited. On the other hand, because of the influence it has, there is a wide agreement that automation will very quickly make its way into the non-commercial sector. One such device is an automatic kettle that turns off by itself once the water has boiled. There is no human driver involved because it is driven by an automatic automobile. After the rice has finished cooking, the automatic rice cooker will turn off.

The processes of banks and corporations have already been automated, and there will be a great deal more change brought about by automation in the future. Due to the rapid progress being made in the area of automation, the amount of time required for the aforementioned changes to take effect is going to be significantly reduced.

Because of automation, we have been able to accomplish a lot more. One of the numerous benefits that have come from the development of this technology is that it has enabled people to avoid incurring the costs that would normally be associated with recruiting and training new employees. To phrase it another way, automation contributes to cost reductions. Automation has also put an end to the over-exploitation of labour, so making room for social equality. This has created a space for social equality.

Unfortunately, automation also has a few drawbacks that need to be considered. Jobs are lost to automation, which in turn contributes to an increase in the unemployment rate. Because automation reduces the demand for human labour, more people will find themselves without jobs as the rate of automation increases. This indicates that within the next several years, automation will pose a threat to the way of life of millions upon millions of people.

Automatic systems are never reliable because they could stop working at any time, therefore you should never put your faith in them. You do not own any tools that would allow you to anticipate their failure. In no way, shape, or form is this true of human beings.

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