A Woman is Married for four Reasons {Hadith}

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Marriage is of the utmost significance in almost all the world’s faiths. Marriage is not something that is endorsed by a specific religion, but rather, it is something that is advocated by the majority of religions. Islam is not an exception to this norm. Islam places a significant amount of value on the institution of marriage. In Islam, getting married is a Sunnah, or recommended practice; it was something that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did during his time. There is a Hadith recorded in Sahih Muslim 1466 that reads-

Narrated by Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “A woman is married for four reasons, namely, her wealth, her family status, her beauty, and her religion.” If you want to avoid being a loser, you should get married to the religious woman.

Marry for wealth

It is an established reality that many men in our societies desire to wed a woman to obtain her wealth and property. They are just interested in her wealth since they don’t want to engage in activities that might positively contribute to their lives. The desire to gain wealth or possessions affects their thinking to that extent. They are people who are likely to fail because they will be forced to spend their lives by the dictates of their spouses and their families. That is why we have the dowry problem, making it difficult for girls to get married. The Hadith teaches us that all those men who marry a woman for her property will be losers.

Marry for status

Even the men who wish to marry a woman for her social status will find themselves in the position of a loser. When you marry someone because of her family status, you may gain certain privileges, but on the other hand, you are dishonouring yourself. You will lose your identity in front of someone with whom you will spend your entire life. Everyone sees through her status, and you won’t have your name. You will spend the rest of your life as an enslaved person.

Marry for beauty

If you marry a woman simply because of her looks, you will end up as the biggest loser in the relationship unless she also has a beautiful character. A woman’s beauty is a significant factor in males’ attraction to other women. When you spend most of your life with a woman most people see due to her beauty, you will undoubtedly experience discomfort since you do not want other people to stare at your wife. So, marry a beautiful woman and ensure she has good character, which is required to raise pious children.

Marry for religion

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advocates that Muslims should marry a religious woman. This is because a devout lady possesses everything necessary to bring up morally upright children and a family. You will be living in peace because you are sure in your heart that she won’t do anything wrong that goes against the principles of society and her family. She would place the utmost significance on her religious beliefs and instil those values in her children.

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