4 Minimum Requirements to Go to Jannah

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Allah, on the day of Judgement will use four factors or criteria to judge among us who’ll enter Jannah translated Paradise and who’ll land in the flames of Hell translated Jahannam in the Arabic language. Those people who would be able to meet the following four minimum requirements will get entry in the Paradise while those who fail to meet the critereria will burn in the place of punishment called Hell. Allah in the Surah of Quran titled “Surah Asr” translated Chapter The time makes it very clear who will go to heaven.

By the ˹passage of˺ time! Surely humanity is in ˹grave˺ loss except those who have faith, do good, and urge each other to the truth, and urge each other to perseverance.

Have faith

Our faith will be the primary and most important yardstick that Allah will use to judge us. The Arabic word for faith is iman, and it refers to belieivng in Allah, his prophets, angels, the day of judgement, heaven, and hell, among other things. It is having the belief that Allah is the one who created, maintains, protects, and destroys everything. You will need to cultivate a firm belief in your heart that Allah has created you with the intention to worship him, and that on the day of judgement, he will revive you from the dead. This will be required of you. You must also have faith in the fact that angels were created by Allah for a variety of purposes.

Good Deeds

Doing good deeds is the second important determinant or criterion that must be met in order for you to enter Jannah. The term “good deeds” refers to any and all acts that are carried out with the intention of gaining favour of Allah. Good deeds include praying five times a day, giving charity, helping the poor and needy, caring for orphans, building good relationships with neighbours and family, and many other people. These are only a few examples of the kinds of deeds that please Allah.

Support & Propagte Truth

Haq in Arabic refers to the truth that needs to be supported and propagated all the time. The term Haq refers to the truth that Allah who has created everything in our universe is the only one who deserves worship. Haq has to be taken to others who hasn’t reached it yet. Worship Allah as he deserves and never associate partners with him because they did nothing when it comes to creating the worlds.

Have Patience

When you are struck with tribulation, you are required to show patience and wait for Allah to remove it from your life. This is what is meant by the virtue of patience. If Allah grants you the assistance of someone who is patient, you will emerge victorious. Patience can also refer to the acceptance of hardship, such as having to perform ablution practices in chilly water during the winter. You will be put through a variety of trials by Allah, and if you are able to persevere through them while maintaining your trust in Allah, you will be rewarded for your perseverance on the Day of Judgment.

That;s my interpretation, Allah Knows the best

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